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How to Use Gameshow Streaming Software

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2016 02:57PM PDT

Broadcasting with Gameshow

This article explains how to set Gameshow up on your PC, as well as provides some useful links!

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Gameshow is a game changing new software product for broadcasters that makes professional-looking broadcasts easily, so you can spend more time playing the games you love and less time worrying about your production.

Click here to download the free version.

How to get Gameshow up and running on a PC quickly:

1. Choose a Template                   
When Gameshow starts up, select a pre-made template. You can also (optionally) build your own Gameshow broadcast setup. Click Next when finished.

2. Select a Destination
When the Configuration window displays, configure your document. Choose between Twitch or YouTube as a broadcast destination, configure your game capture, and select an encoder. (If you are using a Blank template, make sure to include the accurate game title so you can be discovered.) Click Next when finished.

3. Select a Shot
When Gameshow starts up, it displays a Preview Window, a Live Window, and a Shot Selection area (where you can set up your shots). Select a shot from the Shot Area and click the Go button.

4. Broadcast Your Game

If you need to take a break at any time, just select your Be Right Back (BRB) shot and click the Go button.

If you would like to learn more, click here!