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Global Methods of Payment & VAT Information

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2017 09:51AM PDT

VAT Charges on Global Payments

This article explains the different methods of payments you can use for channel subscriptions, as well as relevant information on Value Added Taxes.

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Twitch has partnered with Xsolla to expand the payment options for users around the globe, allowing you to subscribe to your favorite channel with the payment provider you trust most. This includes everything from Bitcoin to Paysafe Cards to Subway Gift Cards. Whatever your preferred payment method, this is a safe and convenient way to pay for what you want. You can read more about this partnership here:

What is VAT?

In some countries, digital transactions are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT). In order for Xsolla to keep up to date with international tax laws, changes will happen as new countries begin to collect VAT on digital transactions. Here is some additional information you may find helpful on the The European Commission site:
This PDF explains what the VAT rates are across the 28 European countries:
To help you better understand your receipt when subscribing to partnered broadcasters, please refer to this breakdown:
Term of Subscription, Channel Name, and the Subscription Price
Sub Total: The overall purchase price before VAT
Payment System Fee: This is an additional processing charge
VAT: The applied Value Added Tax
Total: The order total after applicable taxes and fees have been added

Purchases made using Xsolla are subject to Xsolla’s terms and conditions. The purchaser agrees to pay the applicable taxes and fees required by his or her country of residence. Please contact Xsolla customer support for additional questions or concerns.