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Language Codes for Localized Directories

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2016 06:16AM PDT

Language Codes for Localized Directories

This article will explain how to view in a variety of different languages.

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Twitch has released a feature that allows broadcasters to set their spoken languages. As a viewer, you can find broadcasts in your spoken language by choosing either the Channel or Games directories.

To start seeing localized broadcasts, no action is required. The update automatically detects your browser's preferred language. If you need to change this, do the following:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of Twitch’s front page
  2. Click Language and select your preferred language

This is able to be set manually for a different language than you browse in:

  1. Navigate to either the Channel or Games directory
  2. Add your 2-letter ISO code (see the table below) to the end of the URL (for example for Spanish, add "/es" to the end of the URL: or

​At times, there may be no broadcasts of a game available in your preferred language. In that case, no localized content will show.

Here is a key of all possible languages to view Twitch in:

Language Language Code
Chinese /zh
Japanese /ja
Korean /ko
Spanish /es
Portuguese /pt
German /de
Polish /pl
Russian /ru
French /fr
Italian /it
Swedish /sv
Norwegian /no
Danish /da
Dutch /nl
Finnish /fi
Turkish /tr
Czech /cs
Slovak /sk
Hungarian /hu