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Local Recording

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2017 08:31PM PDT

Locally Recording your Broadcasts

Find out how to locally record your live Broadcast; save those awesome moments that occur and ensure you always have a backup of it!

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When streaming to Twitch your Broadcasts can be automatically saved using the VOD service, however when you want to export or upload highlights or full recordings you may notice some quality loss due to compression etc. Locally recording your Broadcasts ensures you have a 1:1 copy of your exact Broadcast at the highest quality possible and also a backup of your Broadcasts, just in-case!

Getting Started

First you need whatever Broadcasting software you use to stream to Twitch, whether it be OBS, XSplit or another streaming app.

Now you need to decide if you want to record everything on your Broadcast (including scene switches, overlays and other general additions) or if you just want to record the game you are playing to make highlights of. 

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Local Recording for OBS  
Local Recording for XSplit
Other Apps  
Recording Gameplay Only
To enable local recording on OBS, first you need to open your OBS settings:

After doing so you will get another window pop-up. Click the "Broadcast Settings" tab on the left:

On the above screenshot you can see the mouse cursor hovered over "Save to file". Tick this checkbox and set a file path below for where you want your recordings to go. You can either specify a name you want to record it as, or leave it blank (i.e pointed towards a directory, no file name) in which case it will set the file name to the date/time of the recording.

After you have done that, hit "Apply", "Ok" and you are good to go!
To get started locally recording on XSplit, first direct yourself to: Tools -> General Settings. From here you will see a box called "My Recordings", in this box you can set a folder to where your recordings will be stored by XSplit. Set up a folder and move on to the next part.

Now you need to edit your streaming profile on XSplit for Twitch. You will find a checkbox that is labelled "Automatically save recording on local drive". Check this, then hit "Apply".

The above sections cover the two main streaming apps, but there are others out there that do just as a good job. You will generally find the setting to locally recording your Broadcasts either in general settings or other. If you have an idea for a streaming app that supports local recording send in a tweet!
Some streaming apps might just not support local recording at all or if you prefer to just capture your game alone you can use local recording software such as Fraps and Dxtory alongside your streaming software set-up.