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Nico彈幕 教學 [Chinese Software]

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2016 05:43AM PDT

Nico [Chinese Software]

This article explains how to use the two programs LimeChat and NicoLime.

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Demand and premise

  • Need account.
  • Need to install two programs: LimeChat and NicoLime .
  • Need to install the program as broadcast: XSplit or obs .

Download and install

LimeChat can connect directly to a Twitch IRC chat room software, first

The official website to download LimeChat

LimeChat Download

Installation LimeChat

Again download NicoLime 0.29, and the cultural profile

NicoLime 0.29 NicoLime culture

After all the download is complete, with the culture of MsgSrv.exe replace the original file , 
if not functioning properly, you can turn off, replaced once again

Replace the file for culture

Set NicoLime

Open NicoLime, select the second "set yourself."


First add a live broadcast in the lower right corner of the window, right click the blank

Add live

Secret accounts set up the connection, Host name fill Twitch account plus.

Live Set

Select the link to the chat room

In addition to live into their Twitch, want it can be added to other people's chat room

1 as in the lower right corner on the new name better live right, choose to add a chat room

Append chat room

2 Fill in the chat room even thought of Twitch account, preceded by "#"

Append chat room

3 After setting the lower right corner on the right name and select "follow" you can connect the


Set Nico barrage

LimeChat can NicoLime combined into Twitch has barrage

1 Start NicoLime (double click MsgSrv.exe)

Will see an intermediate blank window size can be adjusted freely open. 
Box that will run barrage position.

If you need to change the font and speed barrage of 
change "Settings" at the top of the window, on the edge of the window, right-click to enter the "Settings"

Enter the settings

(2) In LimeChat plug NicoLime barrage

1 found in the archives of NicoLime NicoLime.js file

2 In the main menu to find LimeChat> "Settings"> "Stream Settings"> "Open Folder Location"

Enter the settings Enter the settings

3 where the NocoLime NicoLime.js file, just copy and paste into the window opening out

Enter the settings

3 Set XSplit

1 new in the area in XSplit, tap the NicoLime window edge is set to the broadcast area.

Enter the settings

2 Select a good area to add points after setting the "interception layered window" tick. You will see will not live to see the original window appears NicoLime

Enter the settings

3 After adjusting the size of NicoLime barrage can test the effect!!

Enter the settings