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Inbox Folders

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2016 06:27AM PDT

Inbox Folders

This article explains what happens in your inbox folder, and how messages from other Twitch users are sorted. 

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In an effort to reduce the visibility and effectiveness of bad messages in the Twitch messaging system, some messages are filtered  into an "Other" folder in the inbox.


​​Messages will not be put into this folder from:
  • People you are following
  • Partners
  • Users that are replying to a message you have sent
  • Users who are subscribed to your channel
  • Twitch Global Moderators and Twitch Staff
Messages that get sorted into the "Other" folder will not trigger a notification email, which will further reduce the effectiveness from bad messages.

Opt Out

If you do not wish for your messages to be filtered into the "Other" folder, you can opt out at your own wish by going to Settings > Security & Privacy (or click here), tick the "Opt out of Message Filtering" checkbox and save the changes.

This will remove the "Other" folder from your messages page, put all of your received messages in the main inbox, and no longer filter messages to you. This can be re-enabled again at any time.