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Overwolf Twitch Streaming Application

Last Updated: May 19, 2016 03:11PM PDT

Overwolf Twitch Streaming Application

This article explains how to navigate the Overwolf Twitch streaming application. 

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NOTE: The following instructions are also available on the Overwolf website here.


Overwolf is an overlay software that brings epic apps into your game. One of the features that Overwolf offers is a Twitch streaming app that simplifies streaming and helps the streamer to connect with the audience. It is a streaming application which allows the user to go on air with one click.

Key Features

  • One click stream - Login with your Twitch account and click “go live” to start streaming. It really is that easy!
  • Easy customization - Change the quality of your stream and what you and your viewers can see.
  • Hotkey for Twitch commercials - easily launch a commercial with a hotkey to your stream.
  • Twitch chat - Never miss what your stream is saying. No need for another monitor or to tab out to chat with them as it’s right in game.
  • Viewer counter - See how many people are viewing your stream, visible only to the streamer.
  • Tabbing out - When you tab out, have a pre-made “BRB” window that has the last frame from your game and a “BRB” sign so you can tab out of game and do whatever it is you need (example).
  • Polls (Coming soon) - Built in poll feature so you can ask your viewers whatever. No need to go to another site and link it as the viewers can type their answer in chat and it will get picked up by the poll.
  • Open-Platform - The Twitch app has been created using the Overwolf SDK. This allows all developers to bring creativity into play and code their own Twitch related apps with features like polls, gestures, giveaways, heck, even their very own streaming app. The app UI is created on top a Chrome-based browser, using JS and HTML so any web-developer can find themselves right at home.

Downloading and installing Overwolf

Go to the Overwolf website and download it for free, nothing else is needed. Installing only takes a matter of minutes and then you are good to go!


Developing your own Twitch app

Go to the developers section at the Overwolf website and get started on making your own ultimate Twitch addons.


Downloading the Twitch Stream app

Once Overwolf is installed, open the dock and click on the Appstore. Use the search bar and type “Twitch” and click the Install button. Alternatively you can download it from Overwolf’s Twitch streaming app page.


Customizing your stream

  1. Adjusting your quality:

a. Click on the wrench icon above the Twitch launcher.
b. Using the dropdown menus you can change the resolution and bit-rate of your stream. You can also use a custom number for the FPS based on what your system can handle. The stream capture is based on Overwolf's game capture technology. 
 c. Use the sliders to quickly change the volume from your microphone or your game sound. The game sound will lower all the sound coming from your computer (this includes music, YouTube videos and the like) save your microphone. 

d. Change the server you want to use for getting the best connection based on your location. You can also choose to toggle the option to display a watermark and a viewer counter. 
  1. Show/hide Twitch windows from viewers: The webcam, Twitch launcher and the chat window can be toggled so that the stream can or cannot see them using the eye icon on the top left hand corner of the respective windows. What this means is that you can have windows that the streamer does not see, but the viewers do or the opposite. This is customizable to the streamers taste.

  1. Transparency Sliders: Use the transparency sliders on the bottom of the windows to control the opacity of the window.


BRB Screen

No need to worry about your privacy, when you tab out you have a BRB screen that shows the last frame of your game and a friendly BRB sign. Soon you will be able to use whatever picture you want for this screen.


Music Player

Use the Overwolf Music player to show off your favorite songs on stream and control it in game. No need for a special window or mod to show viewers the current song, artist and cover art.

Also, check out these other features to improve your Overwolf application experience:

  • Twitch Streamer Alerts - Notified when your favorite streamers go live!
  • Replay HUD - Record your game, replay your kills, and analyze your deaths to master your playing skills.