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Troubleshooting Xbox One Broadcasting

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2016 06:17AM PDT

Xbox One Troubleshooting

This article will go through troubleshooting methods to help resolve issues with Xbox One Broadcasting to Twitch.

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​Uninstall and Reinstall the Twitch App
This has proven to help many folks, so try this first.

First, disconnect the app from Twitch, delete the app data on the Xbox One, and finally uninstall and reinstall the app. Do exactly as follows:
  1. Disconnect the Xbox connection from your Twitch account:
  2. On your Xbox One, select the Twitch app in My Games & Apps.
  3. Press the menu button.
  4. Select "Manage app".
  5. On the right under SAVED DATA, select the appropriate gamertag.
  6. Press the menu button.
  7. Select "Delete saved data".
  8. To uninstall the app, find the app, press the menu button to open the app menu, and select "Uninstall".​
  9. Reinstall the app.
Try resetting stream key:
  1. Navigate to USERNAME HERE/dashboard/streamkey
  2. Reset stream key

What You MUST Have Set on Your Xbox One BEFORE You Can Broadcast

To broadcast to Twitch from your Xbox One, the following must be true:
  • In your Profile, your presence is set to "Online"
  • In the Settings app under "Privacy and online safety", "See if you're online" is set to "Everybody" and "Broadcast gameplay" is set to "Allow".
  • In the Settings app under "Preferences", "Allow broadcasts and Game DVR uploads" is checked.
  • You must be playing a game. You cannot broadcast without first launching a game.

In order to include Kinect information in your broadcast, the following must be true:
  • In the Settings app under "Privacy and online safety", "Share content made using Kinect" is "Allow".
  • In the Settings app under "Kinect", "Kinect on" is checked and to include Kinect audio in your broadcast "Use Kinect microphone for chat" is checked.

More Best Practices and Troubleshooting Tips

A wired connection is better than a wireless connection.

Your Xbox Live Reputation
Your XBL account must be in good standing (i.e., not have reputation that is too low).

Privacy Settings
You must be signed in with Adult privacy settings (i.e., all settings enabled). Make sure there are no Child profiles signed in when trying to broadcast.

Twitch Stream Key
Try resetting your stream key once by going to your Dashboard - -  and clicking the Stream Key tab, then click Show Key and Reset Key...just once!

Do not reset your stream key multiple times to avoid a 15 minute lockout.

Twitch Connections
Make sure the Xbox connection exists in Settings > Connections:

You may also want to come back here, mouse over the check mark and click DISCONNECT, uninstall the app, then reinstall the app and retry the activate process (taking the code to

Hard Reset
If your Xbox One locks up, try a hard reset: Press the power button on the front of the console for 10 seconds, then remove the power for 30 seconds and restart the console.

Other Errors

​Troubleshooting Error 0x00031196  
​* Remember, you cannot broadcast demo games or apps   * Make sure you open the game before you select Broadcast in the Twitch app.  Try broadcasting again.
  * Sign out of all accounts other than the one that you are trying to broadcast with.  Try broadcasting again.
  * Check account permissions
    * Go to your Profile
    * Select Privacy Settings
    * Select Custom
    * Make sure Broadcast Gameplay is allowed
    * Try broadcasting again
  * Reboot your Xbox One
    * See the section on rebooting your Xbox One
    * Try broadcasting again
  * Contact support
    * See the section on contacting support
Twitch App says Broadcasting but not showing up on the site
  * When broadcasting has begun make sure you wait up to 2 minutes for it to show up on the site
  * Reboot your Xbox One
    * See the section on rebooting your Xbox One
    * Try broadcasting again
  * Try switching to a wired internet connection
    * Switch to a wired connection
    * Reboot your Xbox One
    * Try broadcasting again
  * Contact support
    * See the section on contacting support
Contacting Support for broadcasting issues
  * Please provide all the information below when contacting support. This information is very important as it helps narrow down the cause of the problem more quickly.
    * What is your Xbox One gamer tag?
     *  What error are you getting?
    * Have you ever successfully broadcast from your Xbox One before?
    * Which game is failing to broadcast for you?  
    * Have you ever broadcast this game before from your Xbox One?
    * Which games have you successfully broadcast before?
    * Are you still able to broadcast games you were previously able to broadcast? 
    * Are all games failing to broadcast or only certain ones?
    * Do you have a good Reputation on Xbox Live?  Any recent changes to it?
    * Are you using wifi or a wired internet connection?
    * What speed is your internet?
    * Do you consider your internet connection consistent and reliable?
Rebooting Your Xbox One
  * Go to Settings
  * Select to System
  * Select Power & Startup
  * Select Turn Off Xbox
  * Wait for the light on the console to stop flashing
  * Turn the console back on