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Twitch Twitter "@TwitchSupport" FAQ

Last Updated: Jun 11, 2018 05:02PM PDT

Twitch Twitter "@TwitchSupport" FAQ

This article explains provides some relevant information regarding the Twitch Twitter account, and the support team who run it!

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The Twitter account is monitored throughout the day for trending issues and to message the Twitch community en masse. Troubleshooting advice may be offered from time to time, but for actual account review issues, please go to the Twitch Help site to submit a support request.

In addition, Twitch Global Moderators and other knowledgeable and experienced Twitch users sometimes reply to questions and provide support to those who tweet at @TwitchSupport or the other official Twitch Twitter accounts. While these helpful individuals do not speak for, or represent Twitch officially, they provide the general community with answers to common questions.

Who We Are
^AK = Aaron
^DA = Devon
^RM = Rob
^AD = Limes
^TS = Tdawg
^SF = Mouse
^MT = Turner

* If you submit a request to one of these inboxes and you do not meet the criteria for that support channel, your request will be automatically closed.

We do not answer suspension-related questions on Twitter. For suspension appeals, please go here.

Twitch Staff run these Twitter accounts (as well as @Twitch and @TwitchSupport) and tweet important service news and answer queries. The other Twitch Twitter outposts are:
@TwitchDE - German
@TwitchBR - Portuguese
@TwitchJP - Japanese
@TwitchKR - Korean
@TwitchES - Spanish
@TwitchFR - French
@TwitchPL - Polish