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Twitch Mobile App Display Options

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2016 03:10PM PDT

Twitch Mobile App Display Options

This article explains what the Twitch mobile apps will offer for resolution options.

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For the mobile apps, as of iOS version 2.3.1 and Android v1.0.5, you will now only see two resolution options for large channels*:

  • High: 720p
  • Low: 480p or 360p

Thus, they will no longer be labelled by the actual resolution. This is in preparation for other technological changes we are making in our infrastructure that will appear over this year (2013).

* What is a large channel?  Rule of thumb is any channel with more than 200 viewers, but this number moves dynamically based on current system load.  The greater the number of large streams in the system, the higher the threshold, with the inverse also holding. Streams that are under the threshold may not be served due to available resources and app-based interest (it is very costly to serve one request for a small channel to the app).  Channels below the threshold may still show resolution labels (360p, 480p, etc) when those resolutions are available.