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Twitch Mobile Applications

  • iPhone 6+ problem watching streams but not on iPhone 5

    Alright, so I recently got an iPhone 6+ because my iPhone 5's screen popped up and whatever. Now my problem ...

    1 Community Answer Apr 24, 2015 10:23AM PDT
  • Streaming Android Apps to Twitch

    Does anyone know of any way to stream android games to Twitch without using a capture card? I've been combing ...

    0 Community Answers Apr 18, 2015 07:35PM PDT
  • Past broadcasts

    Just wondering why can't you implement a system on the mobile app that allows users to watch past broadcasts

    2 Community Answers Apr 18, 2015 03:04AM PDT
  • Why twitch IOS app not working when date time manualy?

    When i turn off IOS date time automatic mode then twitch app won't working. Black screen with buffering circle...

    1 Community Answer Apr 12, 2015 08:26PM PDT
  • Forgot password

    I forgot my password how do I reset it on my mobile device

    5 Community Answers Apr 11, 2015 09:18AM PDT
  • Forgot password

    I forgot my twitch password how do I reset my password on my mobile device

    7 Community Answers Apr 11, 2015 09:11AM PDT
  • Can't Log in to Twitch Android App. Button doesn't work

    I am on CM Nightlies on HTC One M7 for Sprint. Attempting to log in provides no feedback. I enter my username ...

    0 Community Answers Apr 09, 2015 04:32PM PDT
  • Suggestions for Twitch! mute buttons

    I would suggest a mute feature on streams so that we can listen to our own music without whatever the streamer...

    1 Community Answer Apr 09, 2015 08:31AM PDT
  • App viability

    Would you use an app that tells friends when you're available (don't have plans) and shows you when your frien...

    2 Community Answers Apr 08, 2015 06:56PM PDT
  • Video playback freezing on Kindle Fire

    Hi all, I am using Twitch mobile application version 3.2.1 on the Kindle Fire HD 6 and the video playback f...

    0 Community Answers Apr 03, 2015 02:04PM PDT