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  • Highlights sometimes don't work at all

    I am trying to highlight a clip. I am continuously getting a thing where when I click later in the video, it d...

    0 Community Answers Mar 31, 2015 04:29PM PDT
  • 2 Step Verification

    Since the recent password sweep and alleged hack I would like to ask whether 2 step verification will be relea...

    5 Community Answers Mar 31, 2015 12:58PM PDT
  • Going Live on OBS but when i check Dashboard/Channel it says Offline

    Hey guys so I finally got everything set up for my streaming and whenever i go live on OBS with using display ...

    0 Community Answers Mar 30, 2015 07:04PM PDT
  • HTML5?

    ... MicroSyntax Xbox One has a built in Twitch App and so did 360 for over a year now.

    0 Community Answers Mar 30, 2015 11:42AM PDT
  • Twitch wont load

    So when I try to click on streams, they wont load and I'll only see the twitch logo in the middle. Pic rela...

    21 Community Answers Mar 30, 2015 09:37AM PDT
  • NON-pepper flash won't load

    It is an issue for me to use pepperflash (very laggy) and for some reason I can't get twitch to work on the Ad...

    5 Community Answers Mar 29, 2015 06:40PM PDT
  • Current compromises and hacks.

    This is not a question. Twitch has been the raiding ground for 4chan for some 6+ months. The raids rece...

    3 Community Answers Mar 29, 2015 02:18PM PDT
  • Log in Failure

    Whenever I try to log in my account, it says 'Reset your password' and asks me if i can send an email to reset...

    25 Community Answers Mar 29, 2015 03:58AM PDT
  • Possible fix for not receiving e-mails to reset password!!

    After days of trying to figure out why I wasn't receiving the emails to reset my password I grew tired of tryi...

    10 Community Answers Mar 28, 2015 06:31PM PDT
  • Followers Don't Get Notification I Go Live

    My followers dont get notifications i go live. i have almost 400 followers and i dont get any viewers. Then i ...

    4 Community Answers Mar 27, 2015 04:33PM PDT