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Split-screen broadcasting w/ VLC, DXtory and OBS

sarcasmrules Mar 30, 2013 08:46AM PDT

Me and my friend are planning on streaming a co-op game, and we are trying to figure out split screen recording. As we live far apart, this will have to be via the internet. We reckon that we could use DXtory's Directshow output to stream the game over HTTP via the VLC player to the other person, and this somehow can be added to the OBS stream on the server PC. Can anyone help us with this?

P.S. Sorry if I haven't explained it well, I'm not very good at explaining.

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FreznoC: Jun 13, 2013 09:22AM PDT
The easiest way for this to work would be for you both to stream via something like skype or another video calling app on your computer to a 3rd skype account which is on the server using DXTory as your webcam. Then on the server, in a group video call you should be able to pick up each video channel via screen capture in OBS. Once this is up and working you would need to stream that to twitch. The only issue would be bandwidth for the person with the server. you would need to be downloading an 8Mbit/s stream from skype for a stable video call. Then the server would need to upload to twitch @ minimum 5Mbit to do 720p or 10Mbit for 1080p.

I hope this info helps. If you need any help just message me on here and I will give you my work email so I can help you out :)

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