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Streams Stuttering Despite High SpeedTest (Have called ISP)

LowsideLoL Mar 11, 2013 10:19PM PDT

My streams are freezing about once every 3-5 seconds, to the point where I can't watch the stream and enjoy doing so. It will lag on all resolutions, when no one else is experiencing this lag.

My ratings are excellent, with 50download and 4 upload.

My ISP is Time Warner Cable in Northeastern Ohio. I have spoken with them many times, cleared my TEMP folder, everything they had. After this still didn't solve anything, they escalated my case to a "Tier 3 Support" after seeing my TraceRoute for I was assured that it was an issue on their end, and then when I spoke with Tier 3 support they told me it was in fact an issue with and quote: " has a lot of problems. We never throttle our speeds.".

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Support: Twitch Staff Mar 12, 2013 10:08AM PDT


That’s unfortunate that Time Warner doesn’t want to help. We have had requests from numerous TWC customers, and there are also a multitude of Reddit and other threads about TWC throttling.

The proper traceroute is to and not just

Here is one thread on how to potentially work around TWC throttling, but your mileage may vary:

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ordinaryx: Mar 12, 2013 03:29PM PDT
The post by Jason is accurate, there is a link in that link that will direct you to and will fix the throttling problems that TWC has in place.
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LowsideLoL: Mar 15, 2013 04:23PM PDT
I have actually done those instructions, and it seemed to work very well, but after a day or two it is back to normal and extremely laggy. Any other suggestions besides switching ISP?
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Support: Twitch Staff Mar 15, 2013 04:24PM PDT


You may be able to find a good server if you’re trying to stream using this:

If you’re trying to watch, there may be some lag this weekend at high bitrates (some 720p, most 1080p) due to the MLG event, notable for non-Partner streams.

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LowsideLoL: Mar 18, 2013 02:04PM PDT
I can stream to in very high quality. 30 FPS 1080p+ all with maxed out settings in game and high bitrate.

The issue is when watching streams. Even the MLG Streams at the moment are lagging and stuttering an insane amount. It's really unfortunate. If there's nothing else I can do, I suppose I'll have to just switch ISPs. Is that everything you can do / think of?
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mrgrins: Mar 18, 2013 02:04PM PDT
Hello, I have a followup question. I have done the EXACT same thing as LOWSIDELOL except that I am in Dallas and tier 3 said it was a break in my line and they are sending someone out to replace it.

After following the reddit and other workarounds my stream watching appears fixed.

My question is will doing these workarounds fix my lag while streaming TO twitch? I can stream at 720p 60fps with no dropped frames for 5+ hours and then my internet will just disconnect then pop back up. The disconnections are total and completely random. I think TWC is throttling me to a point that it affects me streaming to the site. Are there more steps i can take to stream better with TWC or do I need to drop them asap?

Also my tracert to times out at hop 8 even after using the fixes suggested.

5 16 ms 15 ms 15 ms []
6 13 ms 15 ms 15 ms
7 11 ms 9 ms 11 ms
8 43 ms 45 ms 45 ms []

any help is appreciated. I've spent over $300 on hardware thinking it was me causing the problem but it's been TWC the whole time.
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Kreggar: Mar 20, 2013 10:32AM PDT
I have been experiencing similar problems since the most recent update to Twitch, on the day when Twitch was tweeting that major updates were taking place a couple weeks ago. Prior to this update I almost never experienced lag or video stuttering at any resolution on any stream, but ever since that update I have had issues with almost every stream at 720p or above. I was able to watch MLG Dallas at 720p with almost no issues and even at 1080p from time to time.

I have already followed the advice on how to keep TWC from sucking at YouTube by changing my IP ranges in CMD prompt. This seemed to work for YT but has had no effect on my Twitch experience. I typically use Chrome as my browser, and my upload/download speeds are quite adequate. I use TWC in Austin, TX.

Any further advice? I'm not super-skilled and knowledgeable with computers/internet, but I can follow instructions if there is something else I can try on my end. Please I just want to watch my SC2 and be able to read the game xD
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Support: Twitch Staff Mar 20, 2013 10:32AM PDT

Hi Kreggar, Have you called TWC?

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Kreggar: Mar 20, 2013 04:26PM PDT
I have not called my local TWC yet. What sort of things should I be trying to find out from them? I doubt they'll own up to any throttling. Will I just be informing them that Twitch is lagging/video stuttering on almost all streams for several weeks?

Thanks for the help <3
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Support: Twitch Staff Mar 20, 2013 04:26PM PDT

Those are the exact questions I would ask. Tell them your computer is optimized for video. Ask if there is another route they can provide.

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Steam313: Mar 25, 2013 10:06AM PDT
Contacted TWC in San Antonio/Austin about Twitch/YouTube having issues on 720p+ The ip’s provided from the blog are so over used currently they cannot re-route you to another gateway and Google is AUTOMATICALLY rerouting back to your original gateway.. You can contact google @ (650)623-4000 (monday-friday) to request a new route to the servers manually… Issue was brought to the attention of TWC about 3 months ago, and is a server side/routing issue with Google.
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Draco: Mar 25, 2013 10:07AM PDT
Have you or anyone from Twitch contacted Level3/GBLX or Telia (hell, even TWC?) to get insight or assistance in this routing problem?

I'm quite surprised to find TWC customers in different states... NY, Ohio, and even Texas... all having problems streaming data from Twitch with any consistency. It's mind-boggling and technically impossible to figure out where the culprit of the issues are. It's currently 9 PM EST on a Sunday night and simple streams are buffering like mad.

What are we supposed to do? I'm all for blaming and fighting TWC, but I still believe this is a peering issue which in turn also plays into the VERY annoying YouTube throughput problems... and that's not just TWC on the latter.
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Support: Twitch Staff Mar 25, 2013 10:26AM PDT

Draco, et al:

We obviously try to peer (ie, connect directly) with as many ISPs as we can. In this case, the issue is typically bandwidth provided between the ISP and our CDN network. As we grow, there may be times when requests are more than provided bandwidth.

We will continue to work with ISPs to provide the right service for our customers. However, we do proceed cautiously as costs must be inline with us staying in business.

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mspatula: Mar 26, 2013 11:24AM PDT
Twitch started doing the same thing for me only just a week ago. I was able to watch the MLG tourney a few weeks ago just fine, but since then, it's jumping/stuttering, even at 480p.

I've notice the jumping only starts around 3-4pm CST and goes till around midnight. I do a speed test and I get my regular 20 down 2 up. Netflix, youtube etc. all work fine. I'ts only twitch streams that have a problem.

I have TWC in Kansas City Missouri.

Let me know if there's something I can do to help.
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ExecCS: Mar 26, 2013 11:24AM PDT
TWC customer here in Dallas. Experiencing the same problems as many other posters. My tracert to shows 9 hops of 10-25ms latency and then * * * for the rest.

The interesting thing here is, I am an active streamer and I can stream just fine for hours at 2500kbp/s with minimal dropped frames, but I can barely find any watchable streams over 480p and non-partnered streams are basically unwatchable due to no options for lower quality.

I find it a little odd TWC would choose to throttle download but not throttle upload, but it's possible.

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Gadianton007: Mar 26, 2013 11:24AM PDT
I've been on the phone with TWC in San Antonio for a couple of hours yesterday and today. If the issue is lack of bandwidth between TWC and Twitch's CDN would you mind looking to see if there is adequate bandwidth with GVTC? They are another ISP in my neighborhood that I'd switch to if twitch worked on them.
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Gadianton007: Mar 26, 2013 11:25AM PDT
Ok more time with level 3 support. The tech suggested trying a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, mostly just to eliminate that as a potential problem.
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Support: Twitch Staff Mar 26, 2013 11:25AM PDT

For Texas folks, we’ve been told Suddenlink does not have these issues.

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Nemesisv2: Apr 02, 2013 03:08PM PDT
I'm having the same issue as well. I'm with TWC Cable LA. 14+ Download, .98 Up. For me, it's extremely on and off. Sometimes, a good several weeks, I won't lag on any resolution. But as recently as last week, I start buffering and studdering like mad on max resolution. My computer is top of the line, and I have very recently replaced to an new modem and router.

I have done everything I'm able to and haven't called TWC. I doubt they can help considering the run around. As with most TWC people here, it starts buffering/studdering around 5-6 or so, and keeps going until midnight at least in Pacific Time. This is rather annoying considering it starts and stops. I don't have issues usually with YouTube, and my net doesn't tend to lag either. And switching out of ISP is not wise for me because I have phone line issues that prevents me to really use any DSL type internet.

Is there anything I can do? Or do I have to continue to hope that it clears up sometimes on the lag end?
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wonderfulmage3: Apr 02, 2013 03:08PM PDT

I'm experiencing the same issue, but from sweden with ISP ComHem. Is there any configuration in the routher that might solve this issue?

Kind regards,
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Unijk: Apr 08, 2013 03:46PM PDT
I am experiencing this aswell, however I am located in Norway and my ISP is Get.

I got 36down and 10up on my speedtests, im still having major stutters(unable to watch)to about 40% of the people i try to watch, whilst others work 100% fine.
There seems to be a trouble with looking at people from certain areas. I have no idea about the techy stuff here, but I am pretty sure I cant really watch people streaming through certain area servers.
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Azurewinde: Apr 16, 2013 10:29AM PDT
Cleveland OH TWC customer reporting in here.

I've been having extremely spotty issues identical to other posters here the past few months. I have up to 30 down on speedtests and yet I struggle to watch any stream at 360p almost every night of the week. Anything higher than 360p at these times has unwatchable amounts of stuttering and interruptions. Even at non peak hours during the day I am unable to watch 720p or above streams. This is an incredibly frustrating issue to pinpoint as youtube and almost every other website seems to work adequately by comparison.

Unfortunately the mitchribar solution didn't improve my situation any, so I'm resigned to simply hoping someone somewhere in the chain fixes the issue.
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maf127: Apr 16, 2013 10:29AM PDT
Experiencing the same issue as the original poster. I'm also in NE Ohio with TWC. Can't even view streams at 240p right now. TWC can't explain to me why my connection randomly drops or why I can't get even 1Mpbs down from twitch.
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madstommy: Apr 16, 2013 10:30AM PDT
For those people who are just recently been getting problems, TWC did just buy Insight (an ISP), that seems to be the problem for me, as my twitch used to work completely fine, until TWC took over :(.
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Jpaso32: Apr 16, 2013 10:30AM PDT
Yea i've been experiencing this major video stutter also. It was fine about a week ago and then all of a sudden this whole week i couldnt watch any streamer in 720p + and lower. I'm a TWC customer and called about this and they ensured me that they are not throttling my service. I've also tried the mitch ribar CMD Prompt and that didnt work either.
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Rippou: Apr 16, 2013 10:30AM PDT
I am experiencing the same problem in Turkey on a 50mbps connection. Even 240p stutters at the moment.
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arnovanroy3: Apr 16, 2013 10:30AM PDT
I'm from Belgium with the same problem and my ISP should be Telenet, Twitch this is not our ISP, this is your site! Don't let people fall into cost when you guys are causing the trouble!
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Nmaster64: Apr 22, 2013 07:45PM PDT
Here are my conclusions after a lot of research, trying out suggested solutions, speaking w/ a Level 3 tech at Timer Warner, and some of my own testing...

~ Twitch viewers are not maliciously being throttled by their ISP.
~ The problem is location-specific and depends upon current traffic in your region.
~ Solutions involving an attempt to bypass the CDN are largely hit-or-miss, and may in fact decrease performance.
~ Using a VPN to access Twitch from a different region will almost always solve the issue.
~ Using a VPN to access Twitch from the same region generally will not help.

Bottom-line is the Twitch CDN is a bottleneck. The ISP's *may* have some capacity to optimize for these servers, but this generally falls to Twitch to increase or improve their infrastructure to better handle high traffic from an area.
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DemonZofi: Apr 22, 2013 07:45PM PDT
Has there been any further updates on this? I have tried adding in the firewall block, but am still getting the studder when watching live streams. traceroute below:

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 38 ms 20 ms 37 ms []
2 10 ms 12 ms 12 ms
3 17 ms 15 ms 15 ms []
4 52 ms 55 ms 48 ms []
5 49 ms 51 ms 52 ms []
6 53 ms 50 ms 93 ms
7 51 ms 38 ms 36 ms
8 39 ms 40 ms 39 ms []

9 * * * Request timed out.
10 * * * Request timed out.
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Support: Twitch Staff Apr 22, 2013 07:47PM PDT

Nmaster64 – You’re somewhat right. The issue is the pass off from the ISP to the CDN. This is a fixed bandwidth hop, thus when there are an increased requests from the CDN, the ISP does not increase the bandwidth, thus you’re sharing fixed bandwidth with many other people. We do not have any equipment in this hop, thus nothing we can do.

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RTKabuto: Apr 23, 2013 06:42PM PDT
I'm having the Same troubles here as DemonZod, with the same part after the edge4 dallas being timed out.
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mojophat: Apr 23, 2013 06:42PM PDT
@Jason M

I've been perusing a number of threads discussing issues with Twitch video stutter (I also sporadically have this problem, typically during "peak" times), and you seem to be quite engaged and open on this issue. For that, I just wanted to say thank you; it's very much appreciated!! :D

However, I have to disagree with one of your most recent comments:

"We do not have any equipment in this hop, thus nothing we can do."

I'm sure you understand that as end users of the Twitch product, any video performance issues we encounter are at least *associated* with the Twitch experience, whether it's directly due to Twitch network infrastructure/design or not. I totally appreciate that you can't fix ISPs' networks, nor end users' crummy WLAN problems. BUT, I would imagine it is in Twitch's best interests to do whatever possible to address as many of these performance issues with the relevant ISPs/CDNs/IXes to ensure that Twitch can provide a suitable and consistent experience for all its end users.

Can't you, as a fairly large customer of these ISPs/CDNs/IXes, urge (or pay :D) them to increase the fixed bandwidth that's causing the bottleneck? It seems to me that you can, and that you admit it based on your comment in an earlier post:

"As we grow, there may be times when requests are more than provided bandwidth. We will continue to work with ISPs to provide the right service for our customers. However, we do proceed cautiously as costs must be inline with us staying in business."

So, long story short, saying there's nothing Twitch can do seems misleading, if not disingenuous, to me.

Perhaps this is the (hidden... or future?) purpose of going Turbo? To be honest, this -- an assured level of performance -- might be a more compelling selling point for Turbo than emoticons and different chat colors. :)

In any case, sorry to ramble, and thanks for everything!
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Support: Twitch Staff Apr 23, 2013 06:50PM PDT

Turbo does not improve your routing experience.

Disingenuous? Negotiations between CDN and ISP are not simple matters. If they were, everyone would be in this business. We’re doing what we should as a startup to try to stay in business for the long run.

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dvinn: Apr 24, 2013 09:52AM PDT
Same issue as the OP here. I live in NE Ohio (Cleveland) and have been experiencing these issues for the last month or two. I've never really had many issues before that time which is odd. I have a 50 Mbps download connection with Time Warner Cable. Every streaming site I have tied works perfect except Twitch.TV.
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HLTV_BigNig: Apr 25, 2013 11:28AM PDT
Yeah, same problem here. At certain periods of the day (seems to be from about 2pm - 3am) watching streams in any quality becomes impossible, I've checked speedtest and my connection is fine. ISP is BEthere in the UK and can't even establish a full route with tracert.
Really frustrating
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Fichidius: Apr 26, 2013 10:32AM PDT
I'm in West central Ohio with 28+ Mbps download with TWC and up until about a month ago I was able to watch almost any stream with no problem For the past month I struggle to watch streams at 480p when I should be able to watch at 1080p. I have done the steps in cmd and it seemed to help with youtube but didn't help in the slightest with twitch. Hoping it was just my router going out I got a new one but I still can't watch most streams above 480p. I hope the problem that twitch is having connecting to certain areas gets fixed in a timely manner.
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Azurewinde: Apr 29, 2013 10:35AM PDT
Just reporting in here again.

Attempting to watch the finals of Norcal Regionals at a mere 240p is still giving me a veritable slideshow. My speedtest results indicate my downstream and upstream are fine. I have no issues with any other services at the moment, except for Twitch.

I have to say after tonight, these issues are reaching borderline unacceptable levels.
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Nmaster64: Apr 29, 2013 10:37AM PDT
@Jason M: I understand Twitch's position in the chain and that there is little you guys can do regarding the bottleneck between ISP and CDN, It's a rough spot to be in for sure.

But it seems in the meantime Twitch can better serve it's users -- at a significant cost I admit -- by further investing in infrastructure that mitigates this issue (CDNs and routing). I just don't have much hope for improvement anytime soon on the ISP/CDN front, and I don't think anybody's going to find it acceptable for the issue to carry on for months and months...especially as Twitch grows and it gets worse.

It also adds fuel to the fire (whether technically justified or not) that Twitch shows great favor to big streamers at the direct expense of "the little guy", as large events flooding the pipes can easily render smaller streams unwatchable.
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Anax2595: Apr 29, 2013 10:37AM PDT
I get that you guys can't do anything for us, but after seeing a few people from places outside the US mention having the exact same problem as me, I thought I'd add my voice to the rest :P

So, I'm in Greece, ISP is Otenet, my speed is 14-18 down and 1 up (supposed to be 24 down, but it never goes so high). I'm pretty sure it's not my connection because I can watch 1080p videos on YouTube just fine and because LIVE videos on Twitch don't do this stutter thing, only saved videos.

Keep up the good work guys. I hope you find a way to fix this.
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Mharlock: Apr 30, 2013 10:21AM PDT
TWC user from central Ohio with the same problems. I can't watch streams on my connection at anything above 360p without it cutting out every 3-4 seconds. However, I tried routing through a VPN and it fixes the problem completely. Through a VPN I can watch them at 1080p+ with no issues.
It's a bit silly to have to pay a few bucks a month for a quality VPN to be able to watch, but it is what it is. TWC is the only ISP that's available in many areas of Ohio.
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nordicskiah: May 08, 2013 07:30AM PDT
TWC denies throttling. Where should we be focusing our attention?
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z33_: May 08, 2013 07:31AM PDT
Currently watching twitch front page stream 1080p - zero lag. Trying to watch an archive of another channel, stutter city. I have TWC 30 Mbps down and am not watching more than one stream at a time. Sometimes I think it's TWC, but today it sure seems like twitch.
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kickssc: May 08, 2013 07:31AM PDT
Hey, posting from southern California and I use TWC and have been having this issue for 3+ weeks. Always stutters on 720+, but generally 720p is okay but sometimes I am forced to watch on 480p.
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Blitchizsc2: May 08, 2013 07:31AM PDT
Having a lot of issues. I have the 50 mbit package. Everything on my end is pristine and perfect. I'm in Columbus ohio, I really hope this gets fixed. I watch ALOT of streams, and really don't want to have to use my VPN to just watch streams etc.

The pings for me skyrocket when it hits the telia link. goes to 160 ms

I really hope twitch can work with twc and get this fixed. It is the only reliable provider in ohio unless you live in cincinnati and can get fiber. Keep us posted I'm sure you guys are taking this issue seriously.
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Caliorangekb: May 08, 2013 07:31AM PDT
I think the answer to this problem is simple. This is obviously a business decision from TWC and Twitch. There is no point in placing blame on either side in a negotiation for not getting something done. TWC's stance is that it will not profit them to increase the bandwidth at this bottleneck. As for Twitch, it may generate some extra revenue but it doesn't make any since to pay more money for the bandwidth than revenue it generates.

Both companies have reached a stalemate, but remember negotiations are fluid and the negotiations will resume sooner or later. So what do we do to speed this up? The largest influence we have on these negotiations is our ISP subscriptions. If we threaten TWC with cancellations then they will see a monetary reason to increase their stake in/decrease the price of the bandwidth to the CDN. The same thing happens when FOX or CBS or ABC remove their programming from TWC during negotiations. People start dropping their service because they can't watch their favorite show, or their favorite sports team. This strategy works. The more people complain then the faster things change. The scenario that we face is just not as "Mainstream" as a major news network not being available in your area. Seriously, leave Time Warner if you have to. I am seriously considering it. If we don't show them that it is hurting business then IT WILL NOT CHANGE.
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jaylin: May 08, 2013 07:31AM PDT
TWC in NYC here and I've been having same lag in all video qualities as described by many other users above. Problems start in the afternoon and go away during AM hours.

The only solution I've found other than using a VPN is to press the pause/play, see if its smooth, and repeat until I no longer have the lag issues.

I don't know the technicalities on why this works, but I'm assuming each time i pause and restart a stream, it is routing to a different CDN until I stumble upon one that has the available bandwidth give me smooth video. Doesn't work 100%, and is less successful when trying to watch 1080p+ streams during prime hours, but I've had consistent success with this method watching at 720p+ and below. Good luck!
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Bandon23: May 08, 2013 07:31AM PDT
I thought it laggs me unfortunately that could be some application running or somehow. I think it happens me is some kind of torrent fault. This is only way to fix it.
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bananaconda: May 10, 2013 10:06AM PDT

I also had this issue. It turns out that my video was being routed through a congested precaching server. After blocking the IP ranges of these throttled and high traffic servers it helped a lot. Here's a quick guide and youtube video on what ranges to block and how to block them using windows firewall. Enjoy,

bananaconda @
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djtyrant: May 10, 2013 10:07AM PDT
I know it's not helpful, but same thing has been happening for me past 2-4 weeks. Can't stream anything above 480p. I'm able to stream out content fine though. :/
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puddlez32: May 10, 2013 10:07AM PDT
I have TWC in Powell, Ohio. 20mb/D 5mb/U. I get freezing and stuttering on twitch at any quality. Even on 240p it stutters, freezes and jumps and this has been a consistent problem for almost a year now. I've tried everything. I bought a new router, had a technician out to my house to re-do all the wiring and check everything, I've tried blocking the IP ranges as suggested on several of the blogs and reddit threads, I've tried using different DNS servers, everything. Nothing works and its very frustrating.
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plavalguna: May 10, 2013 10:07AM PDT
Same issue here with brighthouse in california
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dhgroove: May 10, 2013 10:07AM PDT
TWC here in Santa Monica, CA. Definitely having the same issues here. Can we get a list from Twitch of all of its CDN IPs so I can test blocking them?
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OneBigbugga: May 10, 2013 10:07AM PDT
I literally went out and bought a VPN membership. I connected in through California and it works.. I'm streaming 720 without a singe problem. It kind of poor I need to pay 7 bucks a month to get stead streaming from Twitch but I guess it could be worse.
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Onebigbugga: May 10, 2013 10:07AM PDT
Living in Hawaii, never had a problem..... now for the past month I'm havign an issue.. I can;t watch ANYONE without lagging.. doesn't matter time of day or who... lags to no end.
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Nmaster64: May 14, 2013 02:23PM PDT
30 Mbps - Streams completely unwatchable.

2 Mbps thru VPN - Streams completely smooth.

This has gotten completely ridiculous. VPNs are becoming essential to use the service during peak hours.
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Snock514: May 14, 2013 02:23PM PDT
I have been getting lag recently, I have fast enough internet (TWC). I called Time warner and they said they do not throttling downloads at all. One weird thing is that I can run 720p+ from my phone flawlessly but I can't run 480p on my pc.... Really weird issue.
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Yebaddies: May 14, 2013 02:23PM PDT
I have the same problem from streaming for about 3-4 mounths and when first started i had this problem then it i have this spikes and i cant fix them i tried to change servers, to lower my kbs but it still didnt work.. my pc usage is good i have no lags or frame drops my FPS is steady 30 but i sill have them..please help me fix this!!
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weedmoney: May 14, 2013 02:23PM PDT
I have uploaded a video to youtube showing people first hand what is happening. I have spoken to a buddy of mine in T3 at time warner in WI. They will be forwarding this whole thread and my youtube video to the TWC MidWest Engineering department. This will be followed up upon and I hope a resolution will come. No time frame available but I can reassure you that Time Warner MidWest will be looking in to a resolution as soon as one is found.

Youtube video:
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Isolated_1: May 14, 2013 02:24PM PDT
I'm in Hawaii as well and I also noticed that Twitch is stuttering every 3-4 seconds on HD resolution. This issue has only cropped up recently and I thought nothing of it but now its getting to be a real problem.

The kicker is that watching HD streams on the Twitch app on my Android phone presents absolutely no problem whatsoever.
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beardini: May 14, 2013 02:24PM PDT
same as onebigbugga everything was fine until last <b> month </b> , now i cant watch anyone literally it stutters (audio & video) every 2 seconds and ive been on jtv/twitch since 2010 never had any problems also have had twc the entire time so wtf..
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Treemonkeys: May 14, 2013 02:24PM PDT
Just purchased SC2 Proleage subscription today on twitch to watch vods, at first 480p was fine, then got too laggy.

Then 360p was fin, then got too laggy.

I also have TWC. :( 16Mbps download speed from
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Totemkai: May 14, 2013 02:24PM PDT
Talked to TWC it seems the issue for me is outside the rr network and begins to time out at
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pipe13om13: May 14, 2013 02:24PM PDT

I was wondering why all my streams have gone to !@#$. Just started happening to me a few weeks ago. I'm in Rochester, NY using TWC. I can't go above 240p during peak hours.
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DysposableHero: May 14, 2013 02:24PM PDT
Los Angeles TWC customer here, tried it on two different locations, same problem. Nothing over 480 will stop stuttering, no matter what I try.
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molokodude: May 14, 2013 02:24PM PDT
I was wondering why for the last month streams stopped working well even on 240p.

It's really hard to help out on the streams I mod if I can't even watch at 240 since TWC bought out insight. Even had Arank for speed and ping tests on my laptop. Tried disabling chome's built in flash like suggested nothing works. However leveluplive's WNF at 1080p+ was not only watchable but zero video stuttering. Go to watch my buddys stream at 240p during break. BAM. Not even good enough to be a slideshow yet audio works the whole time almost during the skips. Then around 4pm est I can slightly watch streams for about an hour no skip. This issue somehow now as of a week ago applys to VODs and past broadcasts.
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Support: Twitch Staff May 14, 2013 02:24PM PDT

Does anyone want to test this and report back?

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Blitchizsc2: May 14, 2013 04:39PM PDT
Jason I will test this right now. Will get you information. Can you send me an email? I'm pretty advanced with networking troubleshooting etc.
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Asthea: May 21, 2013 04:11PM PDT
@Jason: Seems to be working for me, not 100% sure though, but I'll keep checking it for the day. For now, no lag at all anymore. :)
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sweestain: May 21, 2013 04:11PM PDT
Well it worked for some streams, others are still lagging.
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Ellipson: May 21, 2013 04:11PM PDT
I tried the fix listed in the bananaconda link; no luck fixing my streaming problems with TWC, Cincinnati. Can stream *to* twitch fine with or without any of these fixes.
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Sweestain: May 21, 2013 04:11PM PDT
Jason M:
Does anyone want to test this and report back?

This worked for me, went from lagging on 360p to running smooth on 1080.
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SenyaPoet: May 21, 2013 04:11PM PDT
Tried your post Jason. Also, the guy posts in his youtube that it worked for a few days and a new set of crappy ip ranges replaced them. Something needs to be done. TWC user in Manhattan. Everyday like clockwork, peak hours end up lagging even on 360P
Up 5 rated Down
molokodude: May 21, 2013 04:11PM PDT
Tried sadly did not work for me Jason
Up 6 rated Down
totemkai: May 21, 2013 04:11PM PDT
Jason. That procedure doesnt work. Sorry
Up -5 rated Down
beardini: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
oh heres a video i made showing how bad the lag is and theres also a time warner forum which doesnt help at all im tired of this..
Up -2 rated Down
Grautz: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
Jason, diden't work for me. Video laggs but audio is completely fine.
Up -3 rated Down
weedmoney: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
Jason, I have tried that and it makes 0 difference for me. TWC WI here.
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dhgroove: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
Jason M,

I have tried that, and while it absolutely fixed Youtube for me, is still lagging like crazy (For about 2 months, can only watch 480p while doing speedtests of 30mbit/s down and 5mbit/s up. Can you get me the world facing IP range(s) of's CDN so I can test firewall settings on them?

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threespams: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
Time Warner Austin 30mb docsis 3 modem... same stuttering issues. Tried Mitch's fix and it worked for Youtube but not for Twitch. Just tried the bananaconda firewall rule and it didn't resolve the stuttering issue.
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relapsed21: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
Tested the method Jason mentioned above and blocked the inbound netranges. I live in Southern California using TWC and it did not work for me. I still get video/audio stutter at anything above 480p during peak hours, around 9pm and onward PST.
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Dvinn: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
Jason, that fix didn't do anything. I have 50Mbps down.
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Jotchua: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
I just tested the bananaconda link. It did not work. I added the rule on my local PC, does it matter if I block the range there or should I block it on my router? The Extreme Package from TWC comes with a Ubee modem/router and I cant see anywhere to add rules to block IP ranges. I also should mention I just upgraded from 10Mbps TWC to 30Mbps and the difference is not as much audio lag, but video is behaving the same way as before
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AlexMalone: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
I've tested it Jason, and it's just the same IP ranges as the mitchribar site specifies, but they extend them both to .255.255, instead of ending at .0.24 and .0.16

I have no improvement whatsoever.

Here I am casually watching a stream at 360p on my at&t cell phone connection with no issues, and that same stream stutters constantly at 360p on my PC with a 20 meg connection >.>
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Swami: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
I tried it out and it did help with the lag. Had a little still yesterday, but so far this morning it has ran perfect.
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Nivis_Shadoth: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
Just tried doing the 'bananaconda fix'. Unfortunately it didn't work
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Claude626: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
Reporting in from Orange County, CA. I'm with TWC 15/2. I just did a with about 8.xxmb down. Not ideal, but should be plenty for 720p... I've just started to experience horrible lag on twitch streams. Just like everyone's complaining here.

I run windows 7 and have applied both the fix as well as the one on I'm now watching a 720p SC2 stream on twitch, but it's still not practical. The sound of the stream continues to come through with intermittent clip out every 30 seconds or so. The video continues to freeze for about 2-3 seconds every 10 seconds or so...

In short... Both fixes did not allow 720p video streaming.

480 is all I can do...
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Half_Naked_Costanza: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
Jason, I tried that link out and am still having issues. ISP is Time Warner Cable in SoCal with a 50/5 connection. I used to be able to watch streams in 1080p+ perfectly, but for the last couple of weeks have had this issue of stuttering videos.

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turboxchaz: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
bananaconda's method didn't really seem to do any better than the initial guide by
Up -1 rated Down
sinfinite: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
The bananaconda fix worked for about 20~minutes and then it started to spike again
Up -17 rated Down
cedricsaxon: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
Same thing for me...I cant even try to watch anything over 480 and that still stutters all the time. It really sucks! I cant watch streams anymore....NYC Time Warner. Speed Test 28 MB per second
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kranxxlol: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
I have this problem and it is only with Twitch. I can watch youtube and azubu and other streaming sites all in 720p+. I do not understand why only twitch lags when I try to watch a stream.
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beardini: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
i have tried blocking through windows firewall and with my router its still stuttering nothin changed soo... yeah
Up 7 rated Down
redragon104: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
I just tried this and im still seeing stuttering. I'm on TWC in New york.
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Greylorn: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
Just tried what you suggested in your last post Jason, no change. May of actually made it worse. TWC Eastern Kentucky. Also here's a tracert for you.

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms []
2 14 ms 9 ms 8 ms []

3 44 ms 6 ms 6 ms [
4 23 ms 23 ms 23 ms [65.189.140
5 32 ms 32 ms 31 ms []
6 34 ms 31 ms 31 ms
7 81 ms 166 ms 84 ms []
8 * [] reports: D
estination net unreachable.

Up -9 rated Down
nordicskiah: May 21, 2013 04:12PM PDT
A few of us in Ohio have tried a number of different methods for the IP blocking solution - both at firewall and router levels. For some it offered a temporary solution of approximately an hour of lag-free Twitch and for others it did nothing. So far the only proven solution is a VPN connection out of TWC.

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