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720p+ How to get it?

terrorhertz Mar 08, 2013 06:31PM PST

Hey Guys

I'm currently streaming DayZ/Arma III etc in 1080p however a few friends have said the stream is laggy on their end although other users watching live have said it works perfectly fine (stream never lags for me when watching on my macbook pro on same network)

Anyways, I see a few users have the 720p+ option (not just 720p it has the + sign at the end) and after doing a bit of research I found this was just a sharper looking, higher quality 720p which seems to be accessible to more viewers with slower bandwidths who can then watch the stream more easily without lag spikes. I was just wondering how do I get the option to have the + at the end of my 720p stream? Do I have to be a partner? or is it a case of contacting someone in twitch support to give me this option?

Cheers Guys

Paul Lawford

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LowsideLoL: Mar 12, 2013 09:12AM PDT
Hi terrorhertz,

Actually, you have to have a partnership with to allow your viewers to select their own quality. You could potentially stream in two separate qualities at once, in which case they could choose between those two. However, to have the many different quality options you'll need to have a partnership.

720p+ is actually no more suitable for low-bandwidth viewers than 720p is. 720p+ is just the higher quality version of 720p, and it will depend on what resolutions you broadcast at. I believe streaming in 1280x720 resolutions with 30fps will indeed give you the 720p+ stream, but like I said it will not make it easier for low-bandwidth users to watch the stream. In fact, it might have the opposite effect.
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Xangold: Mar 14, 2013 10:12AM PDT

Just a note, 720+ isn't necessarily better. It's just the native resolution, FPS, and audio settings that the streamer uses. 720p in the options is given as a 'default' of those settings, with a set bitrate. You do need to be a partner to get multiple resolution (transcodes) enabled on your stream.

For example if you stream at 200KB with 720p, the 720+ would be 200KB/s, and 720p would be...1200KB/s? I forget the exact number they use, but you get the point.

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greekgod1984: May 21, 2013 04:03PM PDT
I have an Elgato Game Capture HD and have been trying to stream on using 720p. I set the game capture's settings to 720p but whenever I click on the live stream button it always takes me back to 480. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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pawprotector: May 12, 2014 10:09AM PDT
But 720p/720p+ are both more accessible than streaming at 1080p right? That seems intuitive to me but please correct me if I'm misunderstanding.

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