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Streaming and getting paid

nightswifty Feb 03, 2013 07:32AM PST

Hey, i`m starting to stream soon because of getting to a new team and sponsors and i`d like to know some things like:

- How much do you get paid and how do i update my billing information
- Subscriptions are 5$ from what i`ve heard, if someone subscribes to me how much do i get?
- When do i get paid where is that money going? Can i forward or donate it for charity?
- More information about the partner program, i`ll have like 500+ viewers each night streaming each day at most.

Thanks and have a good day

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Lusts: Feb 25, 2013 09:09AM PST
I can't really tell you how much I get paid, and updating your billing information is as easy as going into your "Partner" tab in your "Settings" and just update your Paypal Information or Address. (If you're partner, otherwise the tab won't show for you).

As for Subscriptions, I believe subscriptions are whatever you set it to, or what sets it to, and you get half, and twitch gets half. (Based on what I heard). As for obtaining the Subscription Button, you have to meet a requirement AS a Partner before they ever consider you. The Subscription Feature is a Invite Only feature.

You get paid at the end of each month, depending on if you reach the required amount. ($100), if you do not reach $100 in Ad Revenue, then you do not get paid, it is then carried over into the next month until you DO make $100 and then it is sent to you at the end of that month. Depending on how many Concurrent Viewers you get each stream, how long you stream, and how long those viewers do watch depends on your revenue.

Once the money gets sent to your paypal, it is then your choice to do with it as you please. (Send it to Charity, transfer it to your bank, send it to someone else, buy things. Etc).

That is about all the information I have to offer. I hope it helps.
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World65FTW: Oct 31, 2013 08:43AM PDT
Hi I'm wondering if I need permission to promote my sons fundraising project on Twitch.TV? I don't really know much on how this kind of stuff works I am very new.. The fundraising project was not started by me but by the school and like I said I just want to get the word out and help.
Here is a link to the fundraiser
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Support: Twitch Staff Oct 31, 2013 08:44AM PDT

World65FTW – You can set up your own charity promotion on your channel page at any time. However, you may be questioned as to where the money went, thus be prepared to provide proof of donation.

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s9018273645: Feb 03, 2014 09:47AM PST
Me and my freind who's brother has a brain tumer are doing a 24 hour live stream to help get donations to support after ppl donate can I just go to the email and it will show the donation in a separate thing so I don't give all of my own money
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AcarX: Mar 16, 2014 09:50AM PDT

I was wondering if there is any guide to handle my subscription settings and if there is, it would be awesome if someone would share me.

If not; i would appreciate if someone answer these questions:

1. How do we set our account for getting subscribed and getting money?
2. How much do we get from each subsription?
3. Is there any guide to create sub icons? If not how do we make them ?

Thanks in advance.
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vagel12: Apr 10, 2014 05:57PM PDT
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awakenedsoul: May 01, 2014 06:17AM PDT
Hey what if our paypal account doesn't work and we wanna go through moneygram
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Ku3sfirever: Jun 20, 2014 06:50PM PDT
What % is taken from a donation
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acropolis9333: Sep 26, 2014 02:00PM PDT
I am so confused. Do we keep all our donation/subscription money or does some of it go to twitch. I can't find very good info on this site. Not sure if I want to stream lol.
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Jayteee2660: Oct 11, 2014 01:11AM PDT
If you have a "tip jar" AKA people donate to YOU to get you things to keep streaming, you get all of it.

If you have a fundraiser going, people donate to a donate link to THE FUNDRAISER. You will MOST LIKELY be asked to show evidence of the fundraiser.

If you ARE PARTNERED: you have the ability to gain SUBSCRIBERS! Subscribers pay $4.99 a month to support YOU AND Twitch! AKA A part goes to Twitch and a part goes to you, I am unclear of the exact split.
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King_marr_10: Oct 12, 2014 12:20PM PDT
Please tell me how do i get paid because i made a paypal and was hoping i would get paod please email me back and tell me please
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WaKe_Ninjaz: Oct 22, 2014 03:48AM PDT
I do have a youtube partner, does they also partner for twitch or is this different?
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happywheelsftw: Dec 23, 2014 11:11PM PST
Hello, i was wondering if I have to pay to stream if i don't reach the required amount?
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zyloshandeu: Feb 01, 2015 03:21PM PST
cant make money on twitch anyway im not good at any games and people never came to my channel when i was playing so whats the point streaming when u get like 2 views, when twitch requires u have 500+ every time you stream i lnever get that so i closed down my twitch
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Salty_UsernameCensored: Feb 19, 2015 06:15AM PST
I am a streamer currently partnered with Twitch and just got partnership in the past few weeks. It is a very tedious and long / hard struggle to partnership. I have been streaming every single day for over 9 months and only just made partnership. Some days I have been streaming for over 24 hours too.

Twitch take half of every sub you get which is $4.99 / 2
Your donations are not touched by twitch however, which is great. I have earnt more money from donations that subs by a long way. If you are looking at going into streaming just fore the money then don't do it. Or expect a 50/50 chance of earning over $40K a year only after 5 years of hard work.

Top streamers earn good money but thew real money they get is from sponsorship and partnerships from third party companies and organisations.

I would suggest streaming as a hobby / passtime / enjoyment to anyone though.
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jpwelch: Apr 07, 2015 10:41AM PDT
To the above poster Salty:

"Or expect a 50/50 chance of earning over $40K a year only after 5 years of hard work. "

How can you make this statement? As of right now, Twitch hasn't even been in existence for 4 years. I find your comment to be ridiculous and obviously you have little to no credibility. Making up your own statistics that are based on the thoughts in your head is a bad idea. It's stuff like this that just sets people back.
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AphexMachine: Apr 10, 2015 05:09AM PDT
jpwelch, the thing is, it's essentially random. What you earn depends on the audience you have, which depends on the people who show up to your stream, which depends on what kind of streamer you are. It is such a gamble that it really should not be considered as a possible source of income until you can earn enough to support yourself or unless you work a day job and also stream.

You cannot say he is wrong, because he isn't. But he also isn't correct. What you earn depends on who you attract, you could appeal to a bunch of little kids who have to ask their parents to donate, or you could appeal to Bill Gates and his buddies. You are responsible for moulding the community you want and persuading the audience you want.
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stonewallstank33: May 28, 2015 09:04PM PDT
Can someone answer my question? How old do you have to be to accept donations and put a donation button up? Is there an age requirement?
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Ericaslithium23: Jun 03, 2015 06:54PM PDT
I am also thinking about starting up a stream. Maybe only five days a week. The only thing I really need to know is how much it would cost to get started. I have a laptop, desktop, Ps3 and xbox. And I figured I could use my laptop at the mic and cam. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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baconlord222: Jul 03, 2015 12:25AM PDT
Hi What happens to a donation if you don't have a paypal account linked to your twitch account?

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