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How to get more viewers on Twitch?

jklolstreams Jan 26, 2013 02:01PM PST

I just started to stream League at a normal ELO. I basically have no viewers (Only had 1 viewer once). I'm not sure how to increase my view count. I commentate my current game and try to give tips but it is pointless without viewers to see my content. How can I increase my view count? (I am also new to Twitter so I don't have many followers yet. Also note that only around 10 of my friends on FB are LoL players).

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Xangold: Jan 28, 2013 02:43PM PST

It takes a good personality to be entertaining to viewers. BE YOURSELF (but be talkative and humorous). Obviously being very good at the game can help (/will/ help). The biggest tip I can give you is to constantly be talking? Think you're talking more on your stream?, you need to talk more. It's hard to do, and can be very distracting to your game, but once you do it, it should become second nature.

If you watch some of the larger streamers, they either talk all the time, or are professional players. Make sure your stream quality is nice, interact with the viewers, and put popular music on.

Some other places you can post about your stream:
League Forums
Gaming site forums (ie, teamliquid forums, etc)

Partnering with other streamers can be useful, as it provides dual advertising for both you and them. These are all tips I've picked up from popular streamers and from what I notice from popular streamers. You'd be surprised how many IRL friends would watch you play video games if you're entertaining enough!

Hope that helps,
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Thexsechs: Feb 11, 2013 10:00AM PST
You are also trying to stream a very FLOODED game at the moment streaming wise. You will need patience and to network A LOT in order to gain a following. Treat streaming like a business in terms of networking. Contact other streamers, join a team here on twitch, make youtube videos. You have to be willing to go and sell yourself for people to come watch you.
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tekwizoo: Mar 11, 2013 02:39PM PDT
Hi I have the same problem as you and put some threads on some sites but I still never really get any viewers. I understand talking all of that makes people keep watching but how do you get them to watch in the first place. Thats what I need help on.
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Support: Twitch Staff May 08, 2013 07:37AM PDT

Here’s some advice from djWheat:

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diamondminer417: Jun 04, 2013 03:24PM PDT
I had the same problem. Getting started is always the hardest. Just stream ALOT and I mean alot and you will eventually gain more viewers. its unfortunate, but you have to give it alot of time before viewers start coming in. Just keep up the good work and sometimes even if you have no viewers, dont loose hope, just keep trying.
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opnerd: Jun 23, 2013 04:35PM PDT
I'm going to add my two-bits here based upon my personal experiences; much of what I'll say will mirror what's already posted above. FYI, as of this posting, I have approximately 1150 followers and I am now peaking at 150+ concurrent viewers when I stream.

* When I first started streaming, there was obviously nobody watching, but I acted as if I had viewers by constantly talking. A lot of what I said was what normally would have been internal dialogue. For example, if I was stumped by a puzzle in a game, instead if just *thinking* to myself, "Hmmm, I wonder what I need to do here?", I would actually verbalize it. It's good to get into the practice of talking all the time, because live commentary and interaction with streamers/viewers are generally why people come to, otherwise they would just watch recorded footage elsewhere or play the game themselves. As you begin to pick up a few viewers, you'll never have a lack of anything to talk about, because viewers will be asking you questions (which, by the way, you should answer), and viewers will be making comments in the chat channel that you can respond to, and you can even ask questions of them ("Oh, you're also playing Skyrim? What kind of character are you playing?").

* Related to the above, be sure to monitor the chat in your stream and *respond to it* in a timely manner. If you are streaming PC games, having at least two monitors is a great help--one to play your game on, and one to keep an eye on your chat (along with other things, such as the software you use to stream with). Doing this while playing a game is a skill that will take practice, and doing so when you only have 2 or 3 people chatting in your channel is much easier than when you have 50 people chatting away and asking questions. Take advantage of your initial low-viewer numbers to level up this skill. :)

* Get used to the idea that, as you pick up viewers, the new viewers are going to ask questions that you have already answered many times, sometimes just minutes ago. "What type of character are you playing?" "What are your system specs?" Remember, they just got here, and you probably want to keep them in your channel! Answer their questions--again--and to help you with this matter in the future, read below.

* Twitch lets you fill that big empty space below your stream window with information, so do it! It's the perfect place to tell everyone a little bit about yourself, what games you play, and to provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions that new viewers inevitably ask you. Among other things, you can use custom graphics to personalize the look and feel, and you can include hyperlinks.

* Try to have a regular streaming schedule that viewers can count on. A lot of people would give up on watching their favorite TV show if it aired on a different day and at a different time every week; why should watching your stream be any different? If your viewers know that you will be streaming every Tuesday at 7pm, they will be there.

* If you need to go AFK during your stream (such as for a quick restroom break), don't just leave you viewers hanging. If you stream using software such as Xsplit or OBS, you can create multiple "scenes", so create a scene specifically for your breaks. I use screenshots from my game that include a message saying something like, "I'll be right back after this break", I have music playing in the background, and I even superimpose a countdown timer that shows how long I'll be away.

* Take advantage of other social media outlets. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a great means of letting people know what you're doing, and Twitch even has settings that automatically create posts on these sites every time you start streaming. If you are also a member of any gaming related forums anywhere, promote your stream there as well.

* If any of your viewers have their own streams, reciprocate at least every once in a while by visiting their channel, participating in their chat room, and giving them a shout-out on your channel. When you're done streaming for the day, see if anyone you follow is streaming and, if so, recommend their channel to your viewers.

This was all I could think of off the top of my head. I hope this helps someone.
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BurningHotels: Aug 27, 2013 11:31AM PDT
I suggest that anyone who wants to build a viewer base from nothing, watch this video... I've been streaming for under a week and I went from 0 - 215 follows in that time. 2100 ish channel veiws so far. I also did a lot of giveaways every 50 follows or so to engage my community and to draw in new viewers. Once they came in the stream for the giveaway they ended up staying, watching and following for the content. <- amazingly helpful! ;)
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banditpants: Sep 26, 2013 10:15AM PDT
I've watched the videos, and use the tips provided here, and I must say, they are starting to help increase my viewer count!

Thank you to everyone who has provided useful tips. I would say that having your own '' with search engine marketing (for those who can afford this) is anther great way to increase views and follows, while bringing more people to!


( On day 13/365 of my 1 year live stream challenge, streaming daily at 6pm CST at )
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EdoGamerTV: Oct 15, 2013 10:49AM PDT
What bitrate streaming quality , would you recommend ? I have put my streaming to the highest possible quality , but not sure if everyone will be able to watch ? I'm kinda stuck between rock and a hard place , cause I want to stream in high quality but at the same time I would like everyone to be able to see it .Any ideas on what is the best streaming quality ? Thanks!
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gcstv1: Oct 15, 2013 10:49AM PDT
One of the hardest things to do is , finding your own audience and following base ' I recently started and at the moment am experimenting to see what works the best , i do keep in mind that i am embarking into a 100's of Millions of World Wide Gamers , so yeah the competition is terrifying , but that should not keep you from giving up , i really have no good advice on how to get more views cause i am still struggling with that as well , i look at this as something i do for fun and i try not to think about views and publicity , if it happens it will happen , if it doesn't , eh well ' at least i tried .
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requimix: Nov 05, 2013 11:27AM PST
This is great. So far I've started from like 10 follower (maximum 3-4 viewers) to like 106 in the past week with 20 viewers max on a good night. I play league of legends for fun and competitively (ranked) but would like more . This is somehow a good start. Anyways this is a good explanation and help. Thanks alot
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TheBobmanPlays: Nov 13, 2013 11:49AM PST
I just started streaming I got a schedule and everything Tuesday at 4pm pacific time and again at 7pm pacific time and I'm having troules getting viewers fans subscribers what should I do?
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Bangaraani: Nov 13, 2013 11:50AM PST
I have same problem.. I want to stream and only thing I want to do is play games because I enjoy it so much. Only thing is that I just don't like my voice even tho many ppl say that it's okay and I'm pretty entertaining :D Maybe it's just because I'm shy.. anyway I think we need some kind of community of newb streamers so there's easier to get involved with new ppl and getting together playing(and streaming) games!

I got some viewers when Own3d was still up (max peak 350 viewers) but now my best peak was 11 viewers and that's not enough :D
Thanks for helpful tips and stuff. I know there's no clear shortcuts to be popular streamer.

MY TIP: Don't play games which are too popular. Play games which are kind of popular but there ain't too much streamers at the time (and ofc stream games you like)!

thanks for the good comments and I think these comments + videos will help a lot
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kologa: Nov 19, 2013 09:41AM PST
I just started a week ago I had some views and followers from when I dabbled in streaming a long time ago. I seem to get follower a day if that. I look at this way don't go into this thinking you are going to get big. I got into this because I liked the idea of streaming and having people to talk to. I look at the numbers at the end of the night and no matter what they say even if I got no follower but maybe 10 views then it was a success. Just because they did not follow the first time does not mean they will not come back.

I am doing it because I am going to be playing these games regardless even if I was not streaming so why not. I recently got a facecam and that seems to have helped quite a bit. I also do not limit myself to one game I just stream whatever I am playing.That may be bad in the long run but I play what I want to play and as you grow I am sure people will understand. Recently it has been harder to chat because I cannot seem to see people chatting even thou friends have confirmed people were. I submitted a ticket for that.

In the end going up about 10 followers in a week and about 200 views. Be yourself. Eventually people will follow based on that. You cannot appeal to everyone but you will slowly find people who enjoy watching and will come back. Interact with viewers/as mentioned above turn your what would be normal inner dialogue into out loud dialouge. When I play with friends I always have TS/Vent/Skype up so they can hear our conversations. I am not too sure the policy on music I try to avoid that personally because I can only have so much coming out of my headphones haha. Game Sound/TS. If I add music that is gonna take some real audio magic to balance all those levels.

I am still learning and there is alot of good advice here.
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m32tucks: Dec 04, 2013 10:29AM PST

I am finding myself in the same boat - and lets say its getting a little crowded in here as well. I have been posting and advertising my channel pretty hard over the last 48 hours and currently sit on 8 followers. I have taken the great advice from these forums and tried a few variations. Things like give aways, constant chat, always streaming will def work in the long run - but I think thats exactly it - its a long run.

I am coming to terms that I was probably not grasping how patient you have to be to grow a channel and these guys have obviously put in the hard work. Hopefully over time we can all have a following and let people enjoy our gameplay.

Kudos to all of you guys for building your channels, its only now that I realise how well you have done.
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Exosist91: Dec 23, 2013 09:37AM PST
I have 9 followers as of now, and iv'e been streaming since this summer if i remember correctly, i know its really hard to sit and basically talk to yourself(even though i always do it anyways), the hard thing for me is when i sit and play with friends (we have a small community called Team Zhan) we all sit on teamspeak and talking swedish, so that might be boring to non swedish people ofcourse. at the beggining i had 3 followers, all friends, i got two friends to be moderators, and i sat and played Windwaker for 14 hours straight, i loved it, people were sitting in the chat and helped me with what to do, where to go and so on, and the moderators helped alot!
i try and stream at certain times but its kind of hard when you still live at home lol. but keep at it and keep talking to yourself and entertaining the crowd!

And yes, giveaways and such is a great way too :)

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KryptiqGhost: Jan 06, 2014 04:24PM PST
Followed the advice given here...shot from ~5 regular viewers up to 18 today, along with 55 follows! Actually hit my first milestone and got to do my first giveaway!

Speaking of Giveaways... Humble Bundle, Indie Gala, etc. are great things to stock up on for giveaways.
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DeezNutz15: Jan 07, 2014 10:54AM PST
This is all great advice. I am beginning to stream daily and as of recently I havent been receiving many viewers. But one thing im keeping in mind is that yeah I should keep doing my outer dialogue as to what im doing in my game. But the most important thing ive learned that u have to do is be yourself, and be friendly. Being silly, outgoing, and just simply look like u are enjoying yourself will get you viewers. Dont rage when u lose, just go get the next one. Im up to follow anyone who needs advice. Just follow or simply message me and ill give u shoutouts, follow your twitter, and follow u on twitch as well! I want to help other beginning streamers with their streams, so lets work together!
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elbojoloco: Jan 10, 2014 06:17PM PST
I'm new to streaming league of legends as well, but in a few weeks i got 107 followers! To get started you just need to put a lot of work and time into it, for example i do some giveaways at reaching a certain amount of followers. Some people think of me as a "follower whore/viewer whore" when i do giveaways or post something about it on league forums, but its just what you HAVE to do to get viewers when you're new. Face it, people are NOT going to just scroll down the livestream list untill they see someone with 5 viewers and then think "oh hey this stream is probably a lot of fun!" NO! You have to make them get there, AFTER you got them in your stream, make sure you keep them there! If you're fun to watch you will notice change in the amount of followers and viewers. What also helps is shoutouts (It's just really fun for a viewer to hear his name on someones stream..fact!) for example when you get a new followers, thats one thing i do and it works. Why don't you check out my channel and see what I've done so far? Maybe there's some things that you might want to copy or not.

Anyways, good luck getting famous!
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BiliKniseeFem: Jan 15, 2014 11:02AM PST
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my_rusty_spoon: Jan 16, 2014 09:53PM PST
You know I actually just started, and I don't really have a lot of viewers yet, but I feel like if you really get out there and network yourself via youtube, past broadcasts, super imposing share in your channel, and social media will help increase your viewership quite a bit. Another thing I do sometimes is let people know they are on a stream (since we are talking about League) and on occasion you run into other streamers or they tell their friends that they can watch them play on your stream if they don't have their own. It does help quite a bit. Also I agree with the statement "you really have to try to get viewers". People generally don't just happen upon your stream (especially if you aren't somewhere in the upper echelon of the game you are playing) so you really got to draw them in.
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mlppatriotoflife: Jan 24, 2014 05:03AM PST
Wow. Some seriously good tips. Thanks a lot everyone for sharing!
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hawkiins07: Jan 25, 2014 05:45PM PST
still struggling for viewers. Anymore ideas?
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Nigmatik_: Jan 31, 2014 06:16PM PST
I have 3 followers, just started streaming. Anyone want to exchange follow for follow?
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luxislife: Feb 02, 2014 05:49PM PST
I've used all the methods posted here and it is really helping a lot!
I stream league of legends often and really being a "high elo" is probably the most helpful thing, I am currently making a d1 climb and am d5 right now, will be d1 in like a week. And I think that is the main reason I am getting viewers xD
anyways if you wanna play/learn some league of legends
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magadisho: Feb 04, 2014 11:49AM PST
Advertising is the most powerful weapon !
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brain811: Feb 05, 2014 11:14AM PST
look on twitter under BotDetectorBot und we will see the real channel stats :)
Up 12 rated Down Feb 05, 2014 03:47PM PST
Hello fellow piers,
Well, basically I find that there are 3 core ideals to gain viewers from my experience
1. You have to be either entertaining / good at the game
2. Give commentary on the entirety situation
3. Make sure to be friendly!! No one likes a mingey little pinge. :)
I'm kind of new to streaming, currently have 98 followers. Please come check me out.
Diamond IV
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Delchuchu: Feb 09, 2014 09:54PM PST
I'm fairly new to Twitch and I have no idea where gather followers. Gaming is my passion and why not entertain others when I'm having a good time myself? I would appreciate some tips or anyone up for a twitch feature to help me get exposed to a the audience, I'm up for twitch collaborations too :D
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Xvi_Krat0s: Feb 13, 2014 04:41AM PST
Im fairly new myself and I'm not one to give advice but you just gotta be active and be entertaining.
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theoriginalweed: Feb 13, 2014 04:31PM PST
thanks for all the answers, come check out what I have created
Up 17 rated Down Feb 15, 2014 12:11AM PST
Hey guys. I too have just started streaming on twitch. I love it! I just can't seem to find any views lol. Most at one time has been maybe 4 view and I have 0 followers :( I just bought a nice mic and I've been talking on that with a friend and we have fun convos but just can't seem to get any views. What should I do? Maybe you guys could follow me and help boost my confidence a bit? Haha. Thanks for this forum btw.
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fey_plays: Feb 16, 2014 10:14AM PST
Hey all! I too started streaming about 3 weeks ago and began getting viewers only when I utilized social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) This is a MUST! If you're streaming League (or any game for that matter) I'd HIGHLY recommend searching for local Facebook groups that play the same game.

For instance, if you're from New York, search "NY League of Legends" or something similar, and post to their page. Stress your need for "local support" and thank them in advance! You'll be surprised at how many people would love to support local streamers that play the same games.

I actually have a core group of people that tune in that are specifically from these local Facebook pages. Use them! They do help!

-I also made sure to do giveaways at certain Follower milestones. That has probably been my top way to gain viewership, while also gaining viewers that come back and have more fun with me!

-Be silly, be entertaining and BE YOURSELF! Don't put on airs just to please everyone. Have fun and play!

-Control your chat. I'd recommend using Nightbot or Moobot to keep chat under wraps. Control in chat makes more a viewer-friendly environment.

-Make sure your sound quality is clear, without static or distracting background noises.

-Have a clean, well organized overlay for different scenes (In game, out of game, AFK, etc)

-Talk talk talk!

I hope this helped a little. Like I said, I'm new here too and learning right along with you guys! Toss me a follow if you wish :) Love you all and best of luck!
Up 9 rated Down Feb 16, 2014 07:48PM PST
Ive recently started and the last few days i have shot up , all i can say is be your self , don't ignore your chat , also i do giveaways every so often :) try to be very talkative and stream games that you can defiantly run and stream decently.
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Nariwarp: Feb 17, 2014 11:05AM PST
Giveaways sound really interesting, but what can someone with no resources (read: broke) do for their followers? I don't even own a webcam at the moment or I'd offer to wear some silly Halloween costume if I hit xyz amount of followers.

I will say people watching my stream got a kick out of the follower alert I put up thanks to It's just another point of fun I think and I'll definitely keep that up.
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OGxKaterTot: Feb 17, 2014 03:35PM PST
you gotta do give aways, and make your titles look interesting. also try to be funny and always talk, especially to your viewers and more will come. here check this out.
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nirium: Feb 17, 2014 11:06PM PST
Hey there everybody!

I just recently started streaming and have basically no followers or viewers (not counting friends). English isn't my native language and I speak Finnish with my friends on TS whilst playing. I've been trying to comment in-game situations in English, but keep forgetting to do that. Any advice for me?
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googlemee: Feb 20, 2014 09:22PM PST
Hello everyone! Im new on twitch and plan on streaming everyday but sunday. I am an all around streamer but will focus mostly on ESO when it comes out. I would appreciate any who would check my stream out and follow if you enjoy your stay!! :D thank you to any who come and hangout!
Up 4 rated Down Feb 21, 2014 11:59PM PST
Guys if you like Fighting games Live Streaming Ulitmate marvel 3 right now Team Rain ! UMVC3 LIVE STREAM CASUALS #TeamRain
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vanitherock: Feb 22, 2014 03:43PM PST you can follow me if you want, I stream LoL & Hearthstone
Up -1 rated Down Feb 24, 2014 01:35PM PST
It just requires a lot of patience and commitment. I just started a couple days ago and have 13 followers and about 700 channel views while playing Rift and WoW. I just got a bunch of wristbands with my channel name on them to use for giveaways. I'd love to see some of you in there and ill give love back to you guys as well. We can all make this work together. Come hang out some time :)
Up 3 rated Down Feb 25, 2014 07:16PM PST
I feel the same way but my problem is also that i dont want to come across as a "i just want to show my boobs in the cam" -girl, like i feel many of girls streams is more or less all about. (So that people wont even bother looking) I just play and have fun because i like streaming. Are there any special tips for a "normal" girl? Sounds like a weird question but i hope you understand what i mean.
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Karnosity: Feb 27, 2014 04:23PM PST
In reply to Spodergirrl - I'm worried about that too. I plan to start streaming around April (after I switch rooms with my sister) and I'm thinking about going webcam free and seeing where I can get with my personality. Who knows, maybe it'll work out really well and I won't have to worry about showing my face for a while.
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Falcon_arena: Feb 28, 2014 02:03AM PST
I've been streaming for over a year and half and I have good amount of followers but I got stuck in a problem with is hard for me to fix which is the time zones! I stream from Dubai, UAE and it's hard to get the majority viewers to the site due to the different time zones and I'm trying my best to put an entertaining show everyday, further more i have a day job so the average amount of hours I put into streaming is around 4-5 hours a day. Furthermore, we here in Dubai have another disadvantage which is the servers are a bit beyond our reach and the closet one I can use is the UK server which I'm getting mid-high Ping avg.

My question is how to attract viewers to your channel with time zone difference as your handicap, I thought of casting around 12 midnight my time with will be around 12pm PST but i have a job and a family to think about. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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MarktMO: Mar 03, 2014 06:44AM PST
Is it me or am I the only one who uses twitch to record their game plays :D

Would like followers but I feel like im not interesting lol.
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TheGrimPhreaker: Mar 04, 2014 07:52AM PST
Spodergirrl- Your concern is also my concern. Unfortunately, most of the women I see on Twitch have low cut shirts and boobies hanging out, which is fine if that's what they want to do, but I just want genuine followers that watch me for my gaming and not to hope for a tit to fall out LOL

I've JUST started streaming, I purchased an awesome microphone the other day for my PC, but I want an awesome headset for my PS3 as well.

I'd really like to Stream games with people as well, so if anybody is interested in co -op games follow me and I'll follow back.
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OoBamoO: Mar 05, 2014 05:44PM PST
well started streaming 2 days ago and have already 4 followers yeah (well only rl friends but still) i dont really want to have some one watching all the time but innly for 5 minutes here and there and a comment in the chat would be awsome also still have some mic problems and some other small stuff but i will get there and i will get my followers and i hope one day i will be streaming "Pro" LOL players and have a lot of fun with them so guys just check out my stuff it would be nice
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bubba41102: Mar 06, 2014 12:33PM PST
Hello, I am a younger streamer and am trying to pick up veiwers, I use moonlit to keep chat going on and try to connect with my nonexistent viewers, I try to stream as much as I can, but I can't stream until I get home after school. Since people on the internet are jerks to younger streamers, I try to do all I can. I will try to do the stuff on this fourm but I also need to find a way to pick up an older demographic. I don't know what I can do to pick up veiwers when people act like the world will explode because I use the internet. Any tips?
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krewinit: Mar 07, 2014 06:28PM PST
Love the suggestions, I'm kind of in the same boat, i really love playing League of Legends but yeah it's crowded, and finding viewers is really tough, but i keep trying anyways.

If anyone has the opportunity come check me out, and i will forsure be checking out others as well

Btw: Im a gold player atm.
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Boulfutty: Mar 10, 2014 09:39AM PDT
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optikmine: Mar 10, 2014 02:58PM PDT
hey there all of you i have being streaming for about a year now but still dont have more that 5viwers can any one help me out
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BammaSype: Mar 11, 2014 08:18AM PDT
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qwpqwpqwp: Mar 13, 2014 11:12PM PDT
I started for 3 months ago and i have 332 followers. I told my friends to watch my stream and they liked it. If you stream LoL the viewers dont have to play lol but they can watch it if it is good quality and if you have good homour. And you can join forums and get friends and tell them to watch your streams. BUT do not advertise or spam your channel. People will just stop watch the stream.
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NotSeeKill3r: Mar 16, 2014 11:53PM PDT
I literally just started today and I am going to use these tips to get more followers. If anyone would like to partner up, or follow, check out
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GeekinessTrist: Mar 17, 2014 08:32PM PDT
I recently started last week and almost never have any viewers. I tweet and FB post every time I stream and still its not very active. I've tried streaming infinite crisis (eh), diablo 3 (not as popular), and league of legends (popular) with not a ton of luck. I am trying the giveaway route right now to see if that drums up any new followers. After reaching 50 followers, I will be doing a giveaway of a $20 Steam gift card. If anyone would like to follow, check me out, or follow for a follow I would really appreciate it. :D
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wayofthegam3r: Mar 19, 2014 10:21PM PDT
So let's all just be up front and honest. We love gaming and we all see a way to make money doing it, the real question here is how do we make that dream a reality?

So first off I will tell you this watch other channels, they get 100's or 1000's of views and all they do is sit quietly playing a game. Your personality doesn't matter, you need to play, and you need to stream alot. Most people will need a friend or two streaming on the same channel, after that direct them to your facebook/twitter and make a real plan of what your going to do. Social media will carry you, from what I have seen it's people that are either pro or they have multiple people on one channel that succeed. Good luck
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tekreky: Mar 22, 2014 10:33AM PDT
play somthing unuseal lol is the top made stream so there are many channel but if you play somthing not many people do more people will notice you

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