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Exceeding max length of 5KB Official Roku App

gbmad73 Jan 24, 2013 01:55PM PST

Is there a good reason why an official Roku app for (or hasn't been developed?

Currently the unofficial app available to Roku users is very inconsistent and laggy, and the picture quality is very poor. But this is all because the app is really just a mirrored version of an unofficial mobile device app.

Are there any plans in the near future to develop an app for the Roku?

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Support: Twitch Staff Jan 24, 2013 02:01PM PST


Usually this comes down to demand and resources (hours to develop and cost). We are working on some new app technologies, but not Roku specific.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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gbmad73: Jan 24, 2013 03:36PM PST

Would you guys be open to someone else independently developing an app and then submitting it to you for official approval?

I feel like this would eliminate a lot of the development cost/time, but also get a good product out to your users that they feel secure in using.

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Support: Twitch Staff Jan 24, 2013 03:37PM PST

We have been discussing internally a developer program. We need to setup the parameters still. We’ll announce if/when this goes live.

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MrSmegz: Jan 29, 2013 11:37AM PST
This is awesome, I would love to see an app on Roku, such a simple but flexible device. When i'm on my PC, I usually just want to play the games.
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CyClore: Feb 21, 2013 10:42AM PST
I would love to see this on the roku!
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jimmytries: Feb 21, 2013 10:42AM PST
For what it is worth, I would definitely like to see a Roku app as well :)
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Shockbeast: Feb 25, 2013 09:10AM PST
Please do this!! I beg the Twitch Staff, & will easliy get a thousand people's signatures for it's support Hell, I'll even set up a KickStarter Fund. I'ts just that, I don't use my computer for streaming, My Iphone 5 is too small for Viewing content, & Even if you guys made a Gaming Console app, (which still makes more sense than the Buggy/Broken Smartphone App), I just don't know how many people would stream vs. gaming on their consoles. So to see a twitch stream on a big screen T.V. via Roku makes perfect sense for alot of people like me. (Allow me to remind alot of these "Modern Folks" ,T.V.'s were actually designed to be Dedicated Viewing Screens, Not your Phones or Computers.)
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dv27: Mar 11, 2013 10:30AM PDT
Dear staff - a Roku app really would be brilliant, I'd love to be able to watch on my Roku away from my computer. Please make this happen, I know it would be VERY popular. Thank you :)
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therobanddanshow: Mar 18, 2013 11:28AM PDT
I too support the creation of a Roku app. I have 2 rokus in my house, and currently use the "unofficial" app, but lately there have been quite a number of stream compatibility issues. At most, the Roku is around $100, and is sold even in most big box stores (my local Walmart has ever model of Roku, minus the 3 since that is still too new).

A $100 set-top box with a very open channel development architecture, and with the possibility of HTML5 based apps in the future, would be a boon for getting content to the masses without the need of a computer.
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gbmad73: Mar 19, 2013 03:42PM PDT
Wow, I guess I'm not the only one that would like to see this happen!

How much support would need to be generated/proven to get something like this at least into the list of considered priorities for Twitch?

Also, I'd really like to see an update on the aforementioned developer program. Does Twitch have any news on that front?
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ubentobox: Mar 22, 2013 09:58AM PDT
Yeah my wife and I are very interested in this. EVE Online is using for its live streams and what can I say? I want to view this on my home TV while I am playing it on my computer. XD
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bigbywolf: Apr 04, 2013 02:46PM PDT
I am just voicing my interest as well. Roku is awesome and the only thing missing is Twitch!
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syxxness: Apr 09, 2013 11:38AM PDT
A roku channel would be super sweet!! I would fully support this.
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radarghost: Apr 09, 2013 11:38AM PDT
just a show of support for a roku app!

making the living room more family friendly so the xbox is moving to my room on a 24'' monitor. so roku is going to be my main way of watching tv from now on.
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Brawlerella: Apr 09, 2013 01:45PM PDT
I would love a Roku channel and would likely use it every day. I just got a Roku after moving our computers out of the living room, and I sure miss watching streams while in my living room.
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pwnopotamus: Apr 11, 2013 02:22PM PDT
Please make an official Roku app! I've been using the one, but it's just too inconsistent. Roku just hit 5 million boxes sold, and seems to be gaining popularity. I imagine the Roku demographic lines up well with users as well. I know I'd watch a lot more streams if I could watch them from my TV hooked up to my Roku...
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soupbones: Apr 19, 2013 03:27PM PDT
Seriously make a Roku app - I would never need to leave my couch again!
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Fourteen00: Apr 24, 2013 09:29AM PDT
Is anyone else imagining watching some eSports (Starcraft II for me) while sitting on the couch, it would be awesome to watch some nice 1080p/720p games on my TV.
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LastLifeLost: Apr 24, 2013 09:29AM PDT
Just wanted to throw my support here, too. If it's funding issues, I'd support the Kickstarter campaign as well.
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grinlokk: Apr 24, 2013 03:31PM PDT
Upvote for roku app!
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Mordekai76: Apr 25, 2013 03:05PM PDT
Another upvote for twitch on roku!
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isheepthings: Apr 26, 2013 11:36AM PDT
Yeah look into Plex as well. I'm sad to see that my fav game tv channel isn't featured in their apps...just stuff like SC2Casts.
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Holir_: May 02, 2013 11:27AM PDT
I would buy a roku just for Twitch if this app. was available.
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radarghost: May 03, 2013 10:36AM PDT
Buying a roku 3 this week. So this is me begging!
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Support: Twitch Staff May 03, 2013 10:37AM PDT

We hear this sorta works:

But that is not an official application.

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Khaiyne: May 07, 2013 10:54AM PDT
Please make an app! I need to watch some WCS every night and it would be great to do from my recliner!
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Dumdik: Oct 07, 2013 11:09AM PDT
Has there been any update on a roku app, from the twitch end?
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Support: Twitch Staff Oct 07, 2013 11:09AM PDT


We do not have a Roku app in the works at this time, nor an ETA on such.

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ZimStyle: Jan 26, 2014 12:48AM PST
Any update yet Jason?
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zimstyle: Jan 26, 2014 12:57AM PST
Never mind found it is official unofficially at
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El_MUERkO: Jan 27, 2014 07:58AM PST
I'd also love a Roku app, would enjoy watching DOTA 2 finals on the 63" TV :)
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maltesefalcon89: Jan 27, 2014 11:10AM PST
Can we get a roku app???? please this ir taking too long now.... NEED MY TRUMP FIX ON ROKU!!!!
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LWWKicker: Jan 31, 2014 05:53AM PST
Yes to the Roku app. I think there is growing/sufficient demand.
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proviss: Feb 07, 2014 01:03AM PST
I would love it if you created an app for Roku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would pay a 1 time fee for it even......
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provis1: Feb 07, 2014 01:04AM PST
I would love it if you created an app for Roku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would pay a 1 time fee for it even......
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McGooferson: Feb 15, 2014 05:09AM PST
What are you doing?

Only "smart TV" to survive, but still no twitch app. This suggestion was given over a year ago. Please hire actual programmers instead of script writers for chat moderation...

Took them a year to fix that turd they dropped on Android that they originally called the twitch app.
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Slingload: Feb 15, 2014 10:04AM PST
+1 I too would like to see an official Twitch.TV app for Roku.
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luitenantsurge: Feb 23, 2014 01:15PM PST
Roku app please. And make it better than Xbox.
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NoTick: Feb 26, 2014 07:56AM PST
Chromecast. Open twitch within your Android Device or Chrome Web Browser and web link the two. Viola - you have twitch on your TV.
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Geekgirlxo: Mar 07, 2014 08:33PM PST
Also requesting a TwitchTV app/channel for Roku, it would be awesome and I'm sure there is plenty demand
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150dpi: Mar 11, 2014 11:13AM PDT
Also requesting Twitch channel for Roku.
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Vampswirl: Mar 13, 2014 06:53PM PDT
I want to request a twitch tv app for roku too. With the roku remote for ios/android, we can use keyboard to chat.
Twitch TV on a TV makes sense right Jason M? lol
Make it a one time paid app if anything, I would buy it.
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amallica: Mar 14, 2014 01:59PM PDT
please build a native twitch app for Roku3
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FreeJAC1310: Mar 14, 2014 03:12PM PDT

I did a search for twitch roku and found this thread. Please add my name to build a twitch app for Roku and one for Modern Windows 8. There is one there that is pretty good but a little unstable. thx.
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c64_television: Mar 17, 2014 04:39AM PDT
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jtjdt: Mar 17, 2014 11:56PM PDT
Hey Everyone,

I know this is a big issue, however, there is a nice, clean, elegant, and FREE solution to getting Twitch on your Roku.

1: Sign up for a Plex account here (Free):
2: Once you're all signed up for Plex, install the Plex channel on your Roku (Also free):!details/13535/plex
3: Once Plex is installed and setup on your Roku, install the or channel for Plex and BOOM! Full fledged Twitch right on your TV through Roku :-)

Plex also has hundreds of other channels available for Free that are fully compatible with the Roku including SC2casts and and more.
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estrider75: Mar 19, 2014 06:13PM PDT
PLEASE!!!! Make the roku app. Please.
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clivene09: Mar 28, 2014 01:00PM PDT
Lacking a Roku app is lowering twitchs cool factor.
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Countfosco94: Mar 29, 2014 09:54AM PDT
Tried to use the unofficial app, got an error message stating that "this channel is either offline, does not have a Roku compatible stream, or did not initialize properly." App sucks. Come on twitch, get a roku app, I was so excited to get twitch on my tv!!!
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privatehuff: Apr 06, 2014 05:57PM PDT
I used the free app just now and it was GREAT to watch LoL LCS on my TV easily

BUT there was some stuttering (things would repeat a few times like 1-2 seconds every couple of minutes) and the unofficial app doesn't have many features that the real one could have!

I know riot has moved to parallel streaming on other tech but the youtubeTV apps don't support the LIVE option (on PS3, Roku, or my smartTV)

pls Twitch make app!

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carnar: Apr 07, 2014 08:52AM PDT
Roku app?! That would be great !!
Up 3 rated Down
lilricky: Apr 18, 2014 03:00PM PDT
We're still waiting for an official Twitch Roku app! Twitch!!! Its not hard to make this app happen, and will only increase your viewership!
Up 2 rated Down
raymondfish: Apr 19, 2014 04:55PM PDT
Please, PLEASE make an official Roku app. Whatever deal with Amazon, you're missing out on an already establish user-base.
Up 3 rated Down
kthmiles: Apr 30, 2014 04:25PM PDT
Roku app would be AMAZING!
Up 4 rated Down
lukemimi: May 02, 2014 02:22PM PDT
That would be SO AWESOME if you made a twitch app for roku! I would watch it everyday on my TV.
Up 1 rated Down
slappyleroux1: May 04, 2014 01:51PM PDT
Please bring twitch to roku, I'd pay for it.
Up 4 rated Down
19digger75: May 22, 2014 12:56PM PDT
I wish they would make one, Chromecast has on already.
Up 3 rated Down
Gimpac: Jun 04, 2014 10:01AM PDT
This needs to happen :( Roku app!
Up 3 rated Down
strikes_cat: Jun 09, 2014 04:15PM PDT
Plz add if you do I will lick my cat for an hour
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GhettoSuPaStaRdom: Jun 11, 2014 05:42PM PDT
Let's get this done. You've had plenty of requests, and even more time to do it.

The unofficial app works great for the streams, but you can't access any of the VoDs or other videos available from the channels themselves

This should have been made already, to be honest FailFish. Let's hurry it up, please...
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GhettoSuPaStaRdom: Jun 11, 2014 05:44PM PDT
@19digger75 CHROMECAST has one?! Well, looks like I'm taking my Roku stick back, but now to decide what I do with my Roku3...
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JustinRampage: Jun 17, 2014 10:38AM PDT
I need a Twitch app on Roku. Come on! You can doooooo it! :)

Seriously though. It's the only thing missing in my Roku app library.
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LuminatX: Jun 26, 2014 11:56PM PDT
This definitely needs to happen!
Up 4 rated Down
Luciaan: Jul 08, 2014 09:25PM PDT
For the love of God make a Twitch TV App for roku. I'd even be willing to pay for it!
Up 3 rated Down
Delnaga: Jul 13, 2014 07:54PM PDT
Roku app is needed!
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aessap: Jul 20, 2014 05:32PM PDT
18+ months later. Any word on this?
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xavierblaze: Jul 29, 2014 10:16PM PDT
It has a private channel been out for months:

The Manual Install Method:

Go to and sign into your account
After logging in, click on the link ‘Add a Private Channel’
In the textbox, type in TwitchTV
Click the ‘Add Channel’ button
On the confirmation screen, click the ‘Yes, Add Channel’ button
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iblastoff: Aug 03, 2014 08:33AM PDT
was going to chime in on this as well. thanks xavierblaze for the private channel info. seems to be working great!

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