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Software for Macs

Kyle Bridges Oct 25, 2012 08:38AM PDT

Could you recommend a software to use for Mac that has the same function of xsplit

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Support: Twitch Staff Dec 03, 2012 04:18PM PST

Hi Kyle,

We haven’t tested these fully, but you may want to try either Dxtory or Wirecast.

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Devon Adkisson: Dec 05, 2012 09:23AM PST
The only software available for the Mac that has similar functionality to XSplit is Wirecast.

However, this guide may be of use:
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minecraftdude1234567: Jun 12, 2013 02:21PM PDT
how to get xsplit for mac
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agirl_with_guns: Nov 19, 2013 09:35AM PST
Horrible suggestions.

One doesn't offer a Mac version and the other costs $500. That is ridiculous.
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Palatuar: Dec 09, 2013 09:12AM PST
Hi everyone,

The Dxtory program, is that good? I would love to give streaming a try and I am wondering if i can use the Dxtory to stream and then also do youtube or can i use the twitch highlight program to put clips onto youtube. I have looked into the Wirecast but it is just too expensive.

Has anyone got any experience with the Dxtory program i guess is what i am asking :)
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la_pean: Dec 17, 2013 12:57PM PST
why is streaming seemingly based around windows platform so much? surely by now people have realised that there are alot of mac users out there, other companies have adapted to this, and from the software that used to be available it seems like twitch are going backwards with it all.
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Support: Twitch Staff Dec 17, 2013 12:57PM PST

You can also look up a program called CocoaSplit.

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iambippity: Apr 01, 2014 07:42PM PDT
so is dropping $500 on wirecast still the only successful option for mac users?
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sgxcaliber: Apr 06, 2014 04:38PM PDT
I'm curious about this as well. I would like to stream on my Mac, but I am not interested in dropping $500 for Wirecast to do it. Is the problem that there aren't any free streaming apps for Mac or that Twitch doesn't support them?
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UncleThursday: Apr 15, 2014 10:05PM PDT
If you are looking to stream console games, the Elgato Game Capture HD software that comes with that capture card can stream directly to Twitch and some others. However, it will not support webcams; it will support microphones for voice over/talking to the chat room/livecom.

If it's just console games you are looking to stream, the Elgato is a decent choice and a hell of a lo cheaper than Wirecast's $500 price tag at $160-$180. Plus it has software for Windows if you ever switch (back) to that platform (Like I am doing, soon).
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kaos_clan1: Apr 18, 2014 01:05PM PDT
I'm also looking for a solution for streaming with Mac. I'm not about to pay $500 just to have a PIP in the stream.. That's just plain stupid. I already paid $60 bucks and have the PS4 camera and THAT even puts a PIP in the stream for FREE. I was wanting to set up a channel and have recordings of the games I play WHILE streaming, but that's just not going to happen.. WTF is happening with this site :/ Has anyone found a solution yet?
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dembros: May 17, 2014 10:05AM PDT
you can try flash media encoder with cam twist but i agree twitch this is a know web sigh and macs are becoming more and more common you need to start including mac
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Seaschell: Jun 09, 2014 01:40PM PDT
Try this. He uses a combination of cocoasplit, camtwist, soundflower. It would be nice to have an all in one software that doesn't cost $500, but for now I'll try this.
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justjaredd: Jun 22, 2014 12:45AM PDT
i recently bought the elgato capture card and would definitely recommend this for xbox and playstation consoles. mac friendly and easy to use. although i agree that they do need to make streaming software for macs. xsplit is sweet and i would love to also stream my computer games. too bad i cant since there isn't any known decent mac software. XSPLIT PLS JOIN APPLE
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maxgamerbros1080: Aug 19, 2014 07:36AM PDT
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vincecorvac: Nov 04, 2014 11:44PM PST
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Scottd94: Dec 23, 2014 09:46AM PST
Still no software for Mac Os users that doesn't mean spending a months wages?
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kris4000: Dec 24, 2014 05:32PM PST
I've recently started using OBS on my MacBook - it runs great and has a lot of capture options to get overlays, multiple windows, etc. Also, it's open source, so it's free and has a great community supporting it, so it sees regular updates. Their site is I also have a writeup on how I capture 2 iPads at once for streaming the game Vainglory, if you want to check that out
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mekojo_the_elephant: Feb 25, 2015 02:03PM PST
OBS *seems* to work a first, but it laggggggss baaaaaadd on my all-to-expensive 20154 MacBook Pro. The video lags, the stream lags, my life lags.
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Autokorrect: Mar 21, 2015 02:45AM PDT
I use OBS for Mac. If you're having CPU/framerate problems, especially if the game lags in the OBS preview screen you can do two things:

1. Go to the Advanced Settings of OBS and choose Encoder at "Ultra Fast"
2. If you're using Quicktime in Yosemite to capture the game footage and then using OBS Window Capture of the Quicktime Window, do not do this! Instead use "Display Capture" and then "crop" the window to the Quicktime Window. This will drastically reduce the CPU usage and get rid of that choppy video.

Video upstream lag will depend on your upload bandwidth for your internet. You will need to mess around with down scaling the video quality as well as lowering the bitrate. The default 2500 bitrate setting is too high for a lot of people. Even for me with 10Mbit upload, i found setting it to 1500 bitrate worked the best for me.
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