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How to search past broadcasts?

humjack Sep 22, 2013 04:28PM PDT

I am having trouble understanding how the video search functionality of works. I am not sure if this is a shortcoming of twitch search capabilities or a lack of understanding on my end. In short, the search results page does not show videos at all related to the title I am searching for.

Here is my specific example:

I wanted to go back and re-watch an old LoL LCS broadcast - week 2 of the summer NA LCS. I had an idea of the naming format for their videos "LCS 2013 NA Summer ...". So I tried a few varations to search, such as "LCS 2013 NA Summer Week 2", "LCS 2013 NA Summer W2", and so on. But I never got the title exactly right with my attempts (which turns out to be "LCS 2013 NA Summer W2D1").

The minor problem:

As I type the name, the twitch search box itself will show a few results, sort of like an auto-complete. The output of this shows videos relevant to the exact title I am searching for. Unfortunately, it does not seem to auto-complete partial words. If I enter "LCS 2013 NA Summer" it will show a few random results, such as "W4D2", which is expected because it doesn't know which of the dozens of these videos I am searching for. But if I enter "LCS 2013 NA Summer W2" it will show nothing. If I enter the full title "LCS 2013 NA Summer W2D1" it will successfully show the exact video link. I really think adding the "W2" should be sufficient for it to show the few results that begin with this string. The reason the auto-complete should be more robust is because of the next problem below.

The major problem:

This is the part that has me baffled about the purpose of searching within twitch. If I do not click one of the auto-complete links mentioned above and choose to press 'enter' to do the full search, the videos and streams in the results page have absolutely nothing to do with my search string. The vast majority of the results, in my example, are not even for League of Legends. This happens even if I enter the exact title of the past broadcast I am searching for.

I notice if I add the name of the channel "riotgames" to my search string I get some more relevant results. But even then, the results seem to mostly disregard the specifics of my search ("W2", etc).

Is the twitch search capability horribly flawed? Or am I making some wrong assumption about how its function? In either case, why is there a discrepancy between the much more valid search results in the shortcut auto-complete window and the regular search results page?

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Aaron Clay: Twitch Staff Oct 02, 2013 02:39PM PDT
We don't have a good search for past broadcasts. Our search is planned to be rewritten due to several issues with it, but this is a fairly major rewrite and will take awhile. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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