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iPad App - stream starts and stops

namowrepus Aug 15, 2013 10:16PM PDT

For the past week I've been having issues where I can't watch streams in high or medium quality on my iPad. High quality is the worst where I can barely watch for ten seconds before the stream stops with the picture frozen for another ten seconds before starting up again. On medium quality I can watch about two minutes before it freezes for about five seconds. I can watch streams on low quality and that's it. I ran a speed test and my internet connection is fine. If I go to on my computer I have no problems at all with the highest quality. My iPad connects via wifi. It was working just fine a week ago. Has anyone else experienced this? I updated my app last week as well which gave me the new "Chat Mode". Also, it does not matter which stream I go to (except Night's which seems to work fine for some reason in high quality).

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Theechosen01: Aug 29, 2013 09:15AM PDT
You are not alone, I am having the exact same issue. As long as I have had my ipad I have been able to watch streams on highest quality with no issues. That was until a few weeks ago. Streams now constantly stutter and freeze on high and are unwatchable. Streams work for the most part fine on medium but still very frustrating knowing this was never a issue
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Aaron Clay: Twitch Staff Aug 29, 2013 09:16AM PDT
Theechosen01, do large streams like riotgames lag for you? those are the ones generally with the most stable and best setups (and ones we've worked with them to tweak settings to be good for a majority of users.
On the same connection, do non-ios devices lag?
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Theechosen01: Aug 29, 2013 04:31PM PDT
I primarily watch blops 2 streams and notice it a ton. Another would be gianttboms's stream which has always worked like a champ until lately. Thanks for the reply
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Hatter274: Sep 05, 2013 10:52AM PDT
So anyone know a solution for this? Cus i have the same problem.
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Kegankennedy: Sep 09, 2013 08:42AM PDT
Twitch works perfect on my pc, but can't stream on Xbox as well.

Buffers every five seconds...very annoying!
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expatbaku: Sep 12, 2013 10:32AM PDT
I was streaming fine a few weeks ago, in fact it was just about perfect. Now that I updated the app (HD) on iPad it plays for about 4 min then freezes. Is there any way to put the old app back on the iPad? I also can't find any settings to send a report of problems on the app from the settings. Help! Please, I want my old app back!
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Aaron Clay: Twitch Staff Oct 04, 2013 11:29AM PDT
If you're having this issue, we would need the:

Device model:
OS Version:
App version:
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Txivi: Oct 22, 2013 01:51PM PDT
I'm getting the exact same problem. Streams works just fine in PC (source, high, etc...) connected via WiFi. Same stream, same WiFi and barely can't watch it in Twitch iOS app neither Twitch web (HTML5 player).

My device is a iPad2, iOS 7.0.2 and lastest app versión.
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Hidari42: Oct 22, 2013 01:51PM PDT
Hi all,
I am also experiencing lags in the application on ios (3rd gen iPad), ios7 with the latest available app version from twitch.
Some streamers don't lag like sirhcez, but most of them do like dyrus or even riotgames, i will try to watch the finals.
Please fix this ASAP as this is very annoying :)
Thank you and continue with the good work.
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IM_puls3: Oct 22, 2013 01:51PM PDT
The stream opens and immediately closes the whole app for me.
App version: twitch 2.3.7
Os version: 7.0.2
Device model: mc982kn/a
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Haine_13: Nov 06, 2013 02:13PM PST
Ipad retina (4th generation)
Ios 7.0.3
Last app version, wifi
Video completely black after the ad, if turn low quality it plays for 2-3 sec and freezing. The problem starts last week and its the same for all channels even riot games. Before the last update of twitch app, I could watch all streams in high quality, then it would be possible only on medium, and now impossibruuu at all

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