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Change of username

emma_cunnington Aug 05, 2013 12:31PM PDT

Hi :)

Is it possible for me to change my username?

When making my account, I didn't realise that it would be my display name and I don't want it to be what it is. If I can't change it, is it possible to delete and create an account again with the same email address?


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Support: Twitch Staff Aug 05, 2013 01:11PM PDT

As of this response, due to the high amount of requests for name changes and account lookups, we're currently not offering this service at this time for partners or non-partners.
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jniezink: Oct 01, 2013 10:44AM PDT
Hi Jason,

Thanks for your answer. Are you planning to offer this service? And if so, any time-frame which you can share with us?
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Support: Twitch Staff Oct 01, 2013 10:44AM PDT
We may offer this service to Turbo members in the future, but there are no other plans to offer as a paid service at this time.
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ekkologic: Oct 01, 2013 03:12PM PDT
Hello there,
I'd like to promote the idea of the name change. It's a convenience service that directly supports growing communities. In our case we experimented with different streamers on the same channel. We experienced a huge acceptance of our ideas and we came to the point where we wanted to take it on a new level by founding a "network". Since it was the cannel of our friend, the name doesnt reflect the community character of the channel.
This option, handed out with Turbo or a single fee will be valuable for everyone.
Best wishes,
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SeanLysle: Oct 11, 2013 05:24PM PDT
Turbo would definitely be worth the money if I could change my username with it.
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A2KiLLnEsS: Oct 15, 2013 11:35AM PDT
yea that would be the coolest thing and i wouldn't mind paying a fee to change my name of my twitch channel/tiwtch username!!!
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chong930604k: Oct 17, 2013 09:35AM PDT
Yep, I second that. I'll be needing a name change that suits my gaming profile as I am currently considering broadcasting my games so that viewers will know exactly who to find.

Dear Twitch staffs, please consider incorporating that function. It will be worth the payment.

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thezg0d: Oct 29, 2013 11:11AM PDT
Just to chime in, I'd be willing to upgrade to Turbo if it meant I could change my name (or just a paid name change).
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Garonthe7th: Dec 13, 2013 09:58AM PST
Yes i would like this service, willing to pay for a name change. I would much appreciate it. :)
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Kiyomi_: Dec 13, 2013 09:58AM PST
just a kind of "bump" to say that i also would instantly jump at the chance to pay to change my username. good luck to everyone~!
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itpaladin: Dec 13, 2013 09:58AM PST
+1 to at least one time paid as I want to match what I am using elsewhere and de-emphasize a portion of the name.
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JustinCaseDK: Dec 13, 2013 09:58AM PST
I think of it from both aspects. I could really use a name-change, since I kind of started calling my channel PsyJoeTV. But on the other side, I can see the downdrag for this implementation. People that simply go trash some peoples channel, then after ban the expires, they change name and go do it again. So it could be something like 1 name change total, or 1 name change per year. Per turbo account.
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leo_gun: Jan 02, 2014 10:22AM PST
I'd like to +1 this as well.

Of course you can't have people changing names completely at will as there must some sort of control to limit the sheer volume of requests that would come.

Like someone else, the channel in question was originally made as a team channel. Membership changed and the name we picked was a namesake of the original members. We want to keep our channel, but not the name. We'd be willing to upgrade the channel to turbo or pay a one-time name change fee (that is of course a reasonable number).
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Old_School_RuneScape: Jan 18, 2014 09:28AM PST
Would this mean that my account will be deleted if Jagex decide to take my name away from me?
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cid2013: Jan 18, 2014 02:19PM PST
I would really like to change my user name as well. When i registered i believe i had to choose a name with 6 characters or more,so i just picked something. But now i want to start streaming my self soon. and i dont want to use this username. 2013 sounds so yucky. Hope there is a way for people to be able to change their names without having to use like 6-10 characters in your nick. i have had this nick in almost 10 year now, With 3-6 characters. I have usually 2 of them i use for the most with 4 characters and one with 6 characters..
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No009: Jan 26, 2014 09:33AM PST
can i change my name
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StoneyM75: Jan 26, 2014 07:32PM PST
I'll be creating a second account and cancelling the first. Not realizing the true nature of how yo may use the service a single complimentary change should be in order. Governed and maintained by the system with a proper name history available to admins for any trouble complaints that come in after name change. Steam does this. If they can handle it I think it's not a big deal.
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seanhsmith: Feb 19, 2014 11:39AM PST
Steam knows what they're doing. At this point I think Twitch and Netflix must get their web developers from the same place. Incompetent.
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theadore59fity: Mar 01, 2014 11:21AM PST
my name is a typo
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maxthekiller23: Mar 15, 2014 04:57PM PDT
So when can we change r name??
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rbessey: Apr 01, 2014 06:45PM PDT
Now currently deleting my account to recreate using a different user name. Really not sure why its so hard to incorporate such a ridiculously basic and commonplace function (that ALL your new COMPETITOR'S sites OFFER). Don't claim it has to do with the size and logging of information as it was incorporated retroactively by steam and if you as a technical service can't figure out how to do the simple things you are already slowly on your way out to new edgier competitor streaming sites.
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nartos22: Apr 18, 2014 11:53AM PDT
Hi, I would like to change my username but i can't, you can help me, please change my name from nartos22 to Kobold. Thank you very much.
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ellaellac: Apr 19, 2014 10:18AM PDT
Wait, so because tons of people want to be able to do it, you're not going to add it as a feature? Wow, that makes a lot of sense...
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Mappyls321: Apr 21, 2014 04:40PM PDT
Pretty dumb how we can't. New account it is...
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KafasiHaric16CM: Apr 25, 2014 12:05PM PDT
i want to change my username KafasiHaric16CM to gengamino
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mark9611: Apr 26, 2014 12:30AM PDT
I'd +1 this as well, for the fact that I'd like to change my username, and I'm sure this will lead to tons and tons of inactive accounts cluttering twitch since they want a new username. And one of those inactive accounts will be THIS one.
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AsiaCarr: May 11, 2014 10:29AM PDT
This is something that should be a simple and free service. Everything has name changes free of charge except for twitch. Verify your account info. click. done! so easy. I don't see what the problem is here.
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Jfligmc: May 11, 2014 10:23PM PDT
It just seems logical to have the option to change your name. If I already have a few followers but want to change my name why should I have to lose them just cause I dislike my name.
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ihasqupquake: May 23, 2014 03:36AM PDT
I agree with all, i wanted my username to be this but now i am only doing sims gameplay i wanted it to match my youtube etc but i cant and people cant find me on twitch they asume to lookup EquineSimmer!
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darkstarlol666: Jun 02, 2014 07:48AM PDT
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srene11: Jun 18, 2014 08:18PM PDT
I prefer: Poka because this nick is my nick name in the games.
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buka0_o: Jun 21, 2014 02:21AM PDT
I really would like to change my nickname to Navra, instead of buka0_o, because i dont like my nickname, it realy seems dumb to me.
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LoopydoA: Jun 21, 2014 09:17AM PDT
Ya I'd love to change my username to Burgii Games instead of LoopydoA.
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Sylarisgod: Jun 25, 2014 06:39PM PDT
I would very much also like to change my user name, and would be willing to pay for it, to match my online gamer IDs. I originally went with what I have, back in the days, because when I first started watching and streaming, it had nothing to do with my gaming. But now that I have followers, I would like to keep them, rather than start a new account.
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MothafunkNPG: Jul 08, 2014 06:16AM PDT
je veux changer car les gens ne savent pas bien le prononcer et il n'est pas mis comme je l'avais demandé !!!
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swodaeMeadows: Jul 10, 2014 08:27AM PDT
I agree, they should implement a name changing process. Also another flaw that annoys me is, I create my user/display name but when you type in chat it puts a capital at the start and removes the capital I have mid way through my name. swodaeMeadows - in chat is Swodaemeadows. Are you serious, every other website goes by what your user is why does Twitch do this?
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xAstarthe: Jul 25, 2014 04:18PM PDT
Even if the change name option isn't a possibility now, I think using the correct caption would be something important. Because of the chat appearance it gets hard or wrong the pronunciation of the name.
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kittylover439: Aug 10, 2014 09:34PM PDT
I really don't get why this is such an issue. Every major social sharing / streaming site allows you to change your display name. Probably would have been a better architecture decision to generate user ids instead of using the username as the unique identifier and json array key. Why can't you just remove the filter in the display name field that compares the string to the username? I guess I'll just have to abandon my account and create a new one.
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tankgirlpow: Aug 16, 2014 06:53PM PDT
i dont need to change my name. just the name that is displayed when i stream. when i made my name i thought it was just to sign in. thought i could have it displayed as something else. i just want to display it different so its not a copyright issue.
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United_goeRRoe: Oct 05, 2014 10:55AM PDT
i need to change my name to Goeroe eSports
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samihsn: Oct 17, 2014 02:57PM PDT
Me too i need to change my name to Sami hsn
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ytz77: Nov 02, 2014 02:55PM PST
hello I want to change my nickname currently ytz77 and modify James_77100 can I do it?
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dovahkardon: Nov 15, 2014 07:27AM PST
Hello I need to change my username dovahkardon to kaptain, cause i used my personal familly name in the first and my familly want me to change this please. thanks
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voidshell: Nov 23, 2014 02:11AM PST
Hi, twitch tv

I want to change my id.

My current id is voidshell.

please chane this id VoidShell.

if is it impossible, tell me that how I delete my id.

and then I remake my id that name VoidShell.

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Cyagonize: Nov 24, 2014 06:26AM PST
Hello. I would like to ask you why i can t search my profila ( nick ) on twitch eventhough i have this profile and i can stream . thanks :)
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brouwmeesternl: Dec 28, 2014 11:36PM PST
Yes, I really would like twitch to make it an option to 1 or max 2 times the possibility to change a username for a existing account.
Why should anyone clutter the databases more with inactive accounts when there is something to change your username once or twice.

After the first rush of people the serverload will even out, and I guess the code required to implement this is almost non excisting.

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christianakesson1: Jan 09, 2015 07:32AM PST
Hi! I have 199 followers now. And alot of guys that come in to my stream say I have the worst twtich name ever and yes it is the worst twitch name ever I think myself. When I created this twitch I just wanted to start with things you have to do becouse I tought you could change name after but you could not. Then I got some followers and now I want to change? The thing is that I will loss alot of the followers if I have to create a new profile. But you say I need to do that becouse then I will loss alot of followers and it has taking a while to get up to that, and i think I will get more If I have better name.

So please help me, fix so you can pay becouse I can do that. Its so easy to fix this that you have to pay, I think alot of dudes will do that
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xScreaMx_Gaming: Jan 17, 2015 07:02AM PST
Yes, i'd love to be able to switch my twitch name.
Please make it happen.
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Camilust: Jan 25, 2015 04:46AM PST
Hi twitch!
I really would like to change my name to t3mpeR istead of Camilust.I 've wanted this name for a while now and I would have appreciated it very much. I want this name for various reasons.

Please make it happen.

Best Regards,

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ZeldaPlayer_tv: Feb 01, 2015 04:29PM PST
Bonjour à l'équipe de Twitch TV !

Can you please change my nickname " ZeldaPlayer_tv " to " ZeldathonFR " ... it is for a good cause please !

Best regards from France ^_^
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Pieking3713: Feb 12, 2015 09:27AM PST
Yes, it is only logical to allow the function of name changes. A simple backup feature that notifies returning viewers of the channels name change would solder down confusion and promote username/channel name similarity and communication. As stated and supported by several users above, creating a username while not aware that you are setting your channel name is a common error that can only be countered by creating a new channel and/or deleting the previous channel. Also, with several games such as Minecraft now supporting name changes, many users may want to change their channel name to match their new gamer ID. Reflecting on these common scenarios and the overall claim, please consider this request that is petitioned by not only the users posted above, but all twitch members and future members.

Thank you,

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christianakesson1: Feb 25, 2015 02:00AM PST
Its seem like you have to create a new twitch, but the thing is that I have been streaming everyday for 5-7 weeks now. This becouse letting you twitch personal know that I the real deal. But if i´m gona change my twitch account all my work is for nothing, I dont know what so hard to let us change name, I can pay you for letting me change my name. I can change my twitch name if you guys can see that I have been streaming everyday on that stream I have now and then see it on my new twitch name. I have it on same email so if you can see it then no problem, but if not, please let me change my name becouse I don´t want my work gone for nothing
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ee_emotionengine: Feb 26, 2015 04:33AM PST
"Due to the high amount of requests for name changes and account lookups, we're currently not offering this service"

This statement sounds the same as when someone divides by zero.
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fappen: Mar 10, 2015 07:40PM PDT
Up 0 rated Down
Romazini: Mar 13, 2015 02:09PM PDT
Can u change my nickname "Romazini" to "RomaTheGamer" ?

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DrakBlue77: Mar 25, 2015 03:04AM PDT
i can change my username ( nickname DrakBlue77 ent ChocoFreez ) ???
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Artyparis: Mar 28, 2015 09:50AM PDT
Many users want to change their nickname, so we won make it -> Proof Twitch didn't care about its users needs.
Did u think twitch is user friendly? :p

I ll delete my actual account and make a new one. I don't have anything on Twitch, so no big deal. Maybe I'll find another streaming site with nice rules for its users.
You made many vids ? You re traped ahaha. Don't forget to thank Twitch for their voluntary non-help.
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TrxpGxwd: Apr 07, 2015 02:37AM PDT
Bump & agree to the turbo idea
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officialserbianstreamer: Apr 14, 2015 03:01AM PDT
Hi I want to change my name for or

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