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FPS Lag Spikes, Not Sure Why

justinbends Jul 23, 2013 04:09PM PDT

So recently, as in the past week, when I play games that are a bit more intensive to stream, I get sudden FPS drops. Games such as TF2 can stream smoothly at 720p+ with 200+ in-game FPS, but then every 3-4 minutes I'll get a drop to 7 or so FPS for a few seconds.

The thing is, it's only as of late, and I've been using the same settings and computer. I actually streamed from my friend's internet connection as well with the same settings despite his marginally slower internet with no FPS drop. I'm not getting any Dropped Frames, by the way.

My Settings and PC Specs are listed below. Any help is appreciated.

PC (Asus RoG G74SX Laptop)
2.2GHz Quad-Core i7
GeForce 560M 3GB VRAM
1.5TB 7200RPM HDD
Not sure on the MOBO
Windows 7 Home Premium

Stream Settings (OBS):
Quality: 8
Bitrate: 2500 (5mbps upload) for both
720p @ 30 FPS
Ashburn Secondary
Default Advanced Settings

Any other needed information just let me know.

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Aaron Clay: Twitch Staff Jul 23, 2013 10:53PM PDT

Have you tried updating your graphics card driver as well as Windows software? This seems like a local issue really.

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evo_fire: Jul 30, 2013 09:15AM PDT
your problem is your cpu 2.2GHz Quad-Core i7 you will need something more than 2.2ghz i use a 3.8ghz and i still get chop so i just ordered a new g-card and a amd 8 core cpu 4.2ghz and added 8 more gigs of ram it should fix the issues with mine if not its that there are no local servers that i can connect to
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Aaron Clay: Twitch Staff Jul 30, 2013 09:17AM PDT

Evo_fire, he said that it only recently started doing it, so I’m not sure why suggesting it’s a hardware problem would fix anything. What likely happened is a update or driver issue broke something, or he has a virus scanner running in the background or something else that is causing his computer to be under strain while playing.

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