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"Failed to load video, please submit a ticket"

iamrickeh Jul 07, 2013 04:27AM PDT

Hello Twitch Users,

For the past two weeks I have been trying to watch multiple streams that I have watched for many months but recently, no matter what Stream I watch. I get this message, "Failed to load video, please submit a ticket"
Now I've submitted a ticket and I've waited and nothing has happened. I've even sent an E-Mail using the Help which still has not been viewed.

I want someone to tell me what I need to resolve this,

The troubleshoots I have done are:
- Update my browsers
- Update my Adobe Flash
- Tried three different browsers
- Tried two different computers
- Restarted my router
- Emptied cache etc
- I've even tried watching it logged in and off from Twitch.

Can someone just give me an answer.
You have no idea how irritating this is.

Thank you for your time.


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Aaron Clay: Twitch Staff Jul 18, 2013 06:16PM PDT

So sorry about the delay, we are working on answering e-mails as fast as possible. Keep in mind we are a small start-up, and we have lots of e-mails for our size and nature of the business. I hope that your future experience with support and the site are positive, and again sorry about the delay!

Which ISP do you have? This almost seems like they are blocking our services on their level since you have tried many basic troubleshooting steps. Do you have access to a VPN? Some are as cheap as 4 dollars a month (or even free, although these generally are very slow or faulty), might be worth a shot. If you are feeling technically inclined you might try which is a CLI for piping video streams directly into VLC, which will bypass any browser issues.

Again, sorry for the delay!

Thanks for using Twitch! If you have 30 seconds, we would really appreciate if you could fill out a short survey on your customer support experience:

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dkt_nash: Jul 20, 2013 01:45AM PDT
Hi Twitch Tech Staff,

I recently experienced the same exact problem as the above user regarding the same message, " Failed to load video please submit ticket". I virtually did all the basic troubleshooting setups mentioned above with no resolutions. I'm running mountain lion osx 10.8 w/ google chrome browser.

I tried utilizing the CLI for piping video streams, but its seems to only favor windows. Several Q's came to mind after thinking over your answer;

> Why would my ISP, which is Comcast, all of a sudden block twitch?
> Is it possible to un-ban me from twitch?

This is nerve-racking, and I'm on day 3 of this problem :(

Thank you in advance!
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Aaron Clay: Twitch Staff Jul 21, 2013 03:03PM PDT

Sometimes they get things wrong, or block the wrong addresses. Are you able to access for testing purposes (please don’t use this as a primary viewing platform).

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Leahzar: Jul 22, 2013 11:08AM PDT
Hello everyone!

I am also having the above stated problem and I have also tried all the usual troubleshooting methods. The Beta-site and are also not working. My primary browser is Chrome.

I've had this problem on and off for a few weeks now, it refuses to load and after refreshing it a hell-of-a-lot it would just start working again. (sometimes. I'm having no luck at the moment.) It worked fine yesterday and I've changed no settings on my computer/browser/router since.

I'm watching from South Africa.

Hope we can find out what the problem is!
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dkt_nash: Jul 22, 2013 05:32PM PDT
Hi Aaron,

Thank you for your prompt response, much appreciated!

So I tried the link you posted - on the google chrome browser, Safari and Firefox and tried accessing it with my regular username / password. It didn't allow me access with the following message, "Staging Restricted...Authentication Required"

> What exactly is difference between this and the regular url?

Also, If your saying ISP can make mistakes on blocking wrong URL addresses, then I'll make the effort in contacting them for further questions.

Any other suggestions would greatly help Aaron!

Again, thank you for your patience and time in helping us out . I'll keep you posted on my findings.

- Daniel

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dkt_nash: Jul 22, 2013 05:32PM PDT
Hey Aaron and everyone!

I got an update on resolving my issue.

I went in to my ISP Modem settings and checked to see if the firewall settings were set too high, and I found they were indeed at the highest level. All I did was set it to the minimum firewall settings, and everything was back to normal.

So for everyone here still having the same issue check your ISP's Modem firewall settings too see if your in the same scenario as I was in. I would also try checking your router configurations as well if the problem still persists.

Also note, when my firewall settings were set "high", I wasn't even able to access my PSN account as well. If any of you have the same symptoms, this could a clear sign of your firewall settings are set way too high, be it your ISP Modem or Router.

I hope this helps, thanks again twitch!

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Aaron Clay: Twitch Staff Jul 22, 2013 05:33PM PDT

Thanks for checking into it on your own end, and glad you found a solution dkt_nash! This may very well help other users as well. The beta site is one we occasionally open up to users to test certain new features or stability.

Thanks for using Twitch! If you have 30 seconds, we would really appreciate if you could fill out a short survey on your customer support experience:

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zblip: Aug 28, 2013 11:17AM PDT
Will see two month old issue ever be addresed by twitch? I have the same problem. Video failed to load... but chat does.
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Aaron Clay: Twitch Staff Aug 28, 2013 11:17AM PDT

Zblip, what version of flash do you have?

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zblip: Aug 29, 2013 09:26AM PDT So adobe 10 is not my problem.
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Aaron Clay: Twitch Staff Aug 29, 2013 09:26AM PDT

Zblip – keep it to the other thread, I’ll troubleshoot there.

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mrwadlo: Jan 27, 2014 06:20PM PST
The google doc form that this error links to does not accept entry. It acts like you can fill it out and then when you click submit, its basically a 404.
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vihpalca: Jan 29, 2014 10:17AM PST
Video does not load
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zffcoctflq: Feb 05, 2014 08:30AM PST
zuyrnifmq, <a href="">xyesjotvlk</a> , [url=]ohiyhqmxra[/url], xyesjotvlk
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Angelzdust: Feb 15, 2014 02:16PM PST
Same with me , it was working fine few hours ago , now it will just say " loading video " and then followed by "Failed ..........." , I tried watching other channels , they seem to be working fine , though the chat seems fine , cant load any video , justa grey screen , any help will be appreciated -_-
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idleherotv: Feb 17, 2014 06:33AM PST
Hello guys, I have the same problem. What is weird is that I can access every other stream but mine. I logged from another account and my stream is visible. On the same computer, on a different computer - there is no problems at all. It just happens when I am logged in into my own streaming account and the only channel that has the problems is mine.
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idleherotv: Feb 17, 2014 06:40AM PST
Never mind! I cleared the cache and everything and now its working.
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Dan123123123123: Apr 26, 2014 11:32AM PDT
It says failed to load video on Lyrahel's stream.
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koala624: Apr 29, 2014 09:38PM PDT
Same problem here.And when i am trying to use the report function,there are problems on the google doc.
Please fix it!
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ewl_: Jun 08, 2014 12:25AM PDT

I have the same problem. It started a few days ago.

I can't see some of the streams on my computer, mobilephone or xbmc.
It seems to be quite random. Because one person I follow, I could see him 2-3 days ago, but not today.
But other streams do works, and some of them don't.

Is the problem on your side or us? Can't be ISP related, because we are all from diffrent parts in the world.
Seems not to be browser related because it doesn't work on multiple browsers. And not on the android (your app).

If you have other fixes than the Livestreamer.
Please do tell.

Thanks in advance.

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Dutcherino: Aug 15, 2014 04:28AM PDT
If u have addblocker, put it off and try again. If that not works, just reset your addblocker.

This worked for me :)

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