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Streams Stuttering Despite High SpeedTest (Have called ISP)

SDShooter858 May 28, 2013 09:35PM PDT


I have AT&T Uverse as my ISP here in San Diego, CA. I also started experiencing video buffering/lag while watching live streams around 2-3 weeks ago. This occurs with 480p or higher. Before a few weeks ago, everything was smooth sailing at 1080p.

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LoMoX2: May 31, 2013 10:17AM PDT
I'm having the same issue with AT&T UVerse down here in San Antonio, Texas. I had no issues up until a few weeks ago, now anything with a + stutters every few seconds. I don't know what changed but something definitely did.
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Survey_Says: May 31, 2013 01:35PM PDT
I have AT&T U-verse in St Louis, MO and up until a few weeks ago I could watch 1080p streams with no issues. Now I get video stuttering on 480p streams.
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Gatewaygames: Jun 04, 2013 09:42AM PDT
I'm getting the same problem in SW Missouri on uverse, same package and everything. Pretty freaking ridiculous i can't watch all my favorite streams in high quality like i used to.
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Mutdog30: Jun 04, 2013 09:42AM PDT
I live just north east of St. Louis. I literally just had an ATT tech here checking things out. My streaming had been running like crap the last few weeks as well. Upgraded to 18m(max pro) because they only support streaming video at that level and up according to the upgrade section. However, it did not help. I still stuttered. Now, as of this morning I am mostly stutter free on twitch. I could bring up 3 1080p+ streams without issue. The tech left 20minutes ago. He saw nothing abnormal, and my gear is solid. Something is happening but, they may have addressed it as of this weekend. Not sure. One 480p+ stuttering Saturday night and 3 1080p+ today, no issue. One guess is as good as another...
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tehdewm: Jun 04, 2013 09:43AM PDT
I have uverse in Florissant, Missouri which is near Saint Louis and I get random stuttering on streams. Some days it is only 720p+ and up other days I can not view 360p without stutter/lag. Every time this happens I run a speed test and get the same results around 1.4 megabytes a second. This issue is driving me insane :/
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Actualitylol: Jun 04, 2013 09:43AM PDT
This link will fix your problems.

Most ISPs throttle the CDNs that Twitch and youtube uses.
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j3d1xxxmk: Jun 04, 2013 09:43AM PDT
I also have uverse in around st.louis mo and i could stream whatever i wanted and no hiccups at all. Now 480p sutters for no reason. I wish there was a fix for this
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Armormog: Jun 04, 2013 09:43AM PDT
ATT Uverse here in Lees Summit, MO and I have the same issues. I could stream multiple 1080p lagless, now at times I can barely manage 1 360p stream. Channel doesn't matter.
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ArmorMog: Jun 04, 2013 09:43AM PDT
Forgot to mention I am also on AT&T Uverse, 24 up plan.
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System_STATS: Jun 04, 2013 09:43AM PDT
i have AT&T U-verse in Miami, FL and have the same problem.
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Aquabum: Jun 04, 2013 09:43AM PDT
I have AT&T U-verse in Dallas, TX. Same issue, chatted on live support and said nothing they could do. This started around 3-4 weeks ago, before could watch everything no issues. Testing at 20 down 2.8 up.
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HoovieMcHoobs: Jun 04, 2013 09:43AM PDT
I have AT&T UVerse as well, in far north Dallas area. Same as the posters above me, HD (1080/720) streams generally lag enough to be unwatchable, especially after 3pm.
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cheesypotato: Jun 04, 2013 09:43AM PDT
Have this exact same problem with ATT U-verse. Everything was perfectly smooth until about 2 weeks ago, could watch all streams at 1080p+. Now I can't watch any stream at 720p or 1080p.
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Streetrangerpvp: Jun 04, 2013 09:43AM PDT
Any fix on this with AT&T. I love the streams but am going to have to cancel my turbo if i can't fix this problem.
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sp1r17: Jun 04, 2013 09:43AM PDT
Same issues here. I also work for AT&T Uverse as a premises technician. The only thing I can really think of is that it's either A) Twitch servers, or B) AT&T is throttling the streaming of video from Twitch. It's sad either way. Thinking about moving to an area with Fios soon.
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Ohhlongjohnson: Jun 04, 2013 09:43AM PDT
just wanted to report in, i have been having the same issues starting in the beginning of May, im on the 25/5 uverse plan and have previously always been able to view multiple hd streams at the same time with no lag. Now im getting lags and stutters on 360p ect. Springfield, MO.
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Support: Twitch Staff Jun 04, 2013 09:46AM PDT


For those posts I did not open, your issue was not specific to AT&T Uverse. Please keep this to an AT&T Uverse discussion.

Also, there is no need to provide a traceroute for viewing issues.

We’ll alert our Networking team to AT&T issues.

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Shadeypoo: Jun 05, 2013 11:00AM PDT
Same issue here in NW Arkansas... ATT UVERSE 24/3
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Survey_Says: Jun 05, 2013 11:00AM PDT
To add a bit of additional detail I have the Uverse Max Plus plan (18mb down / 1.5 mb up (fastest I'm eligible for). I always have great latency / speeds when doing speed tests (or anything else on the internet for that matter including YouTube) and when I called AT&T they confirmed from their end everything about my connection looks good.

Not that I fully trust the tech to know exactly what is going on but he did say they do not do any throttling of any data including users who approach or go over the 250gb monthly data cap (for the record I've never gotten close enough to the cap to receive a warning email).

I've gone as far as shutting down anything that uses the internet on my PC and running packet caps to make sure nothing is hijacking my connection while watching Twitch and I still get stuttering regardless of time of day.

I have read all the associated threads that deal with TWC and have tried the solutions including blocking the IP ranges of the known bad data caching nodes that people with TWC have reported fixed the issue for them and have had no change in performance. Maybe we are experiencing a similar issue where the problem is not with AT&T's network but with another provider they route through but I have no evidence one way or the other.

If you haven't already I would suggest you call AT&T and report the issue as well to help raise awareness.
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Armageddon669: Jun 05, 2013 11:00AM PDT
just here to add to the pile of "same exact problem, i'm a uverse user as well in california. had no issues up until a few weeks ago" posts.
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FiggyG: Jun 05, 2013 01:38PM PDT
UVerse user here in Oklahoma, 12mbps/1.5mbps. Same issue as above, but it's mostly prevalent in Ninja's and other Halo 4 streams, have to use 480p or less. StarCraft 2 streams are pretty good at 720p, but still hiccup. Everything was smooth for me up until last week.

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms Sassafrass []
2 * * * Request timed out.
3 25 ms 24 ms 25 ms [10]
4 * * * Request timed out.
5 * 25 ms 24 ms
6 26 ms 24 ms 27 ms
7 32 ms 29 ms 32 ms []
8 49 ms 47 ms 46 ms
9 48 ms 48 ms 48 ms []

10 * * * Request timed out.
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Support: Twitch Staff Jun 05, 2013 01:40PM PDT

FYI: Traceroutes do not help troubleshoot viewer issues because we block ICMP. The only user type that can be helped by traceroutes are broadcasters.

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47foxtrot: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Another ditto: AT&T DSL in Arkansas, no problems watching 720p+ until a week or two ago. Now it's constant stutter and is basically unwatchable. I can download whatever from wherever at over 600KB/sec, but while watching Twitch now the max download rate varies constantly between 100-300KB/sec, which isn't enough for 720p+ or 720p, or even 576p+ sometimes.

I blocked Twitch's DFW CDN ( in my firewall, hoping it would force streaming from another IP, but instead Twitch just says that the video failed to load. I've refreshed many times but it won't even try to stream from another server.

Where's Net Neutrality when you need it. I'd love to switch ISPs but AT&T has me over a barrel. In the past 5 years they've decreased service quality, added restrictive bandwidth caps, and increased the price. We need another Ma Bell breakup.
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datboityrone: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Same exact problem. Have AT&T Uverse as well and as of the past 2 weeks the streams stutter every 10 seconds or more when viewing in 720p or greater. Extremely frustrating since I'm getting a solid 6 mpbs/sec download speed. For once last night the problem went away at about 4 in the morning but came back again when I woke up around noon. It seems to happen all day long until around 3-4 am when nobody else is on.

Would really like some input from twitch. I've called AT&T and talked to technicians and said that all they could do was send a tech out here to look at my modem when I damn well know it's not the modem it's either AT&T throttling bandwidth to twitch or it's the twitch servers having a problem with AT&T users.

Edit: Friend who also has AT&T upgraded package having the same issues here in Houston, Texas.
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ArmorMog: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Hey Jason, has there been any update from your networking team? I have been talking to the ATT customer care team and they are aware of this thread, but because you block ICMP they cannot do much troubleshooting on their end.
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spacecow1: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Ive been having this problem as well, Uverse in far north Dallas
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sleepx2: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Been having problem with video stutter the last few days. I have ATT U verse. I had never had problems prior running at 1080p and now have stutters at lower resolutions. I don't have problems with streaming HULU, youtube, or Azubu TV, only Twitch. Audio is fine but stutters r fine.
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Uwanfite: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Having the same problem on the uverse 24 up plan
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forkheals: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
kansas city missouri, same issue on uverse for about 2 months now.
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Survey_Says: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Small update, found a work around.

I tried connecting to twitch through my VPN ( and I get no lag on 1080p streams so that seems to confirms the issue is either with AT&T or a node in between AT&T and Twitch.

Side note, the video stream would not load using Google DNS through the VPN (everything else on the page worked) but switching to L3 DNS fixed the video.
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Aetrius69: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Any update on this issue? I'm having the same problem, U-Verse in Austin, Tx.
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Gatewaygames: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
It has been 5 days since anyone has said anything about this, I have called AT&T since then and said there was nothing they could do about it. So just wondering if there could be some type of update :( watching in 360p takes a lot out of streams, especially the ones that don't even have the option to go lower than 720p which I cannot currently watch because of the extreme amount of lag.
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noremac13: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
I submitted a ticket with a similar issue but I guess it still hasn't been approved yet since I can't find it anywhere, so I will just post here.

I also have been having lag issues with Twitch recently. I don't have Uverse but I do have regular AT&T DSL in the Dallas, TX area. I used to be able to watch most streams in 720p with no lag and if I came across a stream that did lag in 720p I could just switch it down to 480 and it wouldn't lag. I noticed the lag right around the point that the Twitch player changed. I don't think it is the cause of the lag but it just an interesting coincidence. Also by the player changing I was referring to the new things added such as the "Live" icon, the little messages at the bottom center that say when it is stuttering and when things are loading, and other minor changes.

Also I use a program called NetBalancer to manage the bandwidth to all my applications. Since my internet isn't the fastest I need to limit the speed of certain downloads to keep it from suffocating the rest of my internet. Within this program it also shows the download speed being used by every process and I noticed something peculiar. The streams are using significantly less of my download rate as they used to. Prior to my lag issues a typical 720p stream would use anywhere from 200 KB/s all the way up to 100% of my total bandwidth which is roughly 360 KB/s. Now they hover around 100-150 KB/s and drop as low as 50-60 KB/s as seen here: however when I watch VOD's it does nearly cap out my speed as seen here

So something is inhibiting the bandwidth between Twitch and myself. I have never had problems with my ISP throttling anything in the past but if Uverse users are being throttled maybe I am as well?
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nsl41288: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
I am having the same issue with at&t u-verse in Fort Smith, Arkansas

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Tradgie: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
I'm having the same problem. I just had my Uverse installer on the 7th and ever since I got it streams contantly lag and stutter. While before I had timewarner and had no issues. I switched because of constant drops of the internet at random times. The connection is solid and I'm only getting issues with Twitch.
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Vesci: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Having the same issues in Arcadia, CA ( Los Angeles County ) Been able to watch 1080p streams find until late May and now even sometimes 480 streams are lagging.

ATT U-Verse.
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stealth-legend: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Same prob as everyone else, Southern Cali. ATT 18mb
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chosey: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Having the same issue here with AT&T U-Verse in Indiana. It started maybe a week ago, glad to see this thread to know its not just me.
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imaximum101: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Just added to the pile of problems from columbus ohio ATT. Ive watched streams for months then up until this last week the start and stutter of streams has started. Seems to be getting worse. Was working fine with no problems at all the last few months. Just curious if you guys have contacted ATT with a fix?

Thanks for the help
Love Twitch, just cant watch it anymore
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partymarty: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Posting to confirm, here in WI att uverse, all types of streams lag the same way... Loads a bit then will hiccup for a second or two.
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Unwoundz: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
North Texas, Fort Worth area checking in with AT&T UVerse Internet Max plan (12 down, 2 up) been experiencing same issues described above for the same length of time about 3ish weeks now. Tried upgrading to Max Turbo plan a of 24 down 3 up a few days ago and experienced no difference. VODs load perfectly fine. Only live stream do I have bad stuttering issues.
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karencasteloes: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Uverse user grand rapids michigan. Can't watch anything above 480.
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Snackpacking: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
I also have U-Verse in Dallas, TX and in the past couple weeks streams have been stuttering for me as well unless on the very low quality options. I have the 24mbps down package.
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booglerz: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
Just found this thread, I also have AT&T u verse and was able to stream 1080p with zero issue up until about a week ago... is there any idea if they are going to address this?
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Hamabama: Jun 14, 2013 03:34PM PDT
I'm having the same issues. I am in the Dallas TX area and have Uverse 24/5 and I get constant stops and pauses even on a 240 stream. I never had issues before. This all started this week.

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