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Building an Audience

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2016 06:13AM PDT

Tips on Building an Audience

Read below for some awesome pointers on how to build your Twitch audience!

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Here are a few tips from the godfather himself, djWHEAT.

  • Make sure to personalize your channel page. Add some info about yourself that will intrigue people to know more about you and your style of play, especially for when you are offline.
  • Utilize your Twitch dashboard. This is your one-stop shop for titling your broadcasts, tracking your viewership, and managing your recordings and highlights. You can also add editors for your content so can make highlights of your best online moments.
  • Promote yourself to your friends and fans. Share your broadcast and page on Twitter and Facebook accounts, tell people to follow you, create engaging content on your stream while chatting to viewers.
  • Make your friends can't do it all! Have friends help you out with engaging and controlling chat to help ensure your viewers are entertained.