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New Channel Page

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2013 04:25PM PDT
The new channel page represents a huge improvement to the viewer experience, and also a dramatic change from the pages that launched alongside Twitch over a year ago.

The redesign centers around 1) a large, scalable video player, 2) collapsible columns which allow the viewer to hide the navigation and chat/video column in order to shrink or enlarge the video player and 3) a flexible "panel" system below the video player that gives you better control over the information you present to your viewers.   
1. Search Bar: Search the entire Twitch network by game, broadcaster, title and more
2. Broadcast Information: The title for the current broadcast, along with the game they're playing. The profile image can be changed under settings > profile.
3. Chat Columns: Switch easily between viewing the current chat room, or a list of the broadcasters VOD archives.
4. Games: Showcases games currently featured by Twitch, along with a link to browse the Twitch directory by game.
5. Channels: Lists the channels you're following, along with featured channels. Purple stars designate broadcasters currently on the front page.
6. Settings: Rollover your username to gain access to your personal settings, broadcaster dashboard, messages and more.
7. Follow and Share: Options include the ability to follow the current channel to receive alerts, shareable links across Twitter and Facebook, as well as options to embed the content on an external website.
8. Channel Statistics: Displays the current channel statistics including live viewers, total views and current number of followers.
9. Panels: A space for broadcasters to customize their channel with information, links and images using the editing language, Markdown.