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Last Updated: Sep 05, 2013 11:55AM PDT

Name: Dxtory

Type: PC Capture Software
Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 & 64bit)


  • Pulls video right from your video card’s buffer
    • Less resource intensive than XSplit’s Screen Region
  • Can record to file
  • Screenshot tools
  • Display ingame frames per second (FPS)
  • XSplit Compatibility

How to get it:
Register and Download it here:


Step by Step Instructions on Running DXtory with XSplit:

Step 1 - Installing Dxtory

  • Download Installer
  • Assuming you have XSplit already installed (for .NET Framework 4.0)
    • Run the Installer .exe & follow instructions
    • Run license if you purchased it or Ignore if you’re planning to just use trial

Step 2 - Configuring Dxtory

  • Dxtory Video Setting
    • Click on the bottom yellow icon (square button closest to “Minimize”)
    • Set width to 1280 & Set Height to 720
      • If you’re doing 1080p it’s W:1920 H:1080
    • Set Frame Rate to 30
    • Hit OK
  • Dxtory Movie Setting
    • Click on the video camera tab
      • 5th icon from the left near the top
    • Output
      • Only have DirectShow Output Checked on
        • Uncheck File Output
    • Frame Rate
      • Set to 30
  • Hotkeys
    • Click on the Keyboard Icon
      • 4th icon from the left near the top
    • Change “Start/Stop Movie Capture” hotkey
      • F12 is usually the screenshot button in games

Step 3 - Using Dxtory

  • Make sure Dxtory is running
    • You’ll notice a blue square Dxtory icon in your windows Taskbar
    • You can mouse over to make sure it’s Dxtory
  • Setup XSplit
    • Add Dxtory as a video source
      • Add > Add Camera .. > Dxtory Video 1
    • Adjust source accordingly in the preview window
      • Resize and such using the white mouse-over border
  • Launch the PC Game you want to Capture
  • If Dxtory is running properly you’ll see numbers on the top left
  • Start sending video data to XSplit using Dxtory
    • Use the key you’ve set “Start/Stop Movie Capture” (f12 is the default)
    • If you see a new set of numbers appear on the top left, Dxtory is properly capturing the video from the game.
    • Check XSplit to make sure
      • If you alt-tab, you may see a frozen game screen
      • Having two monitors where XSplit is located on the one opposite of your game is recommended.