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Group Chat FAQ

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2014 03:07PM PDT

What is Group Chat?

Group chat is a new feature on Twitch that allows users to create private chats not tied to a specific channel. Find out more below!

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Q. Who can use Group Chat? 
A. Anyone can use Group Chat! All you need is a Twitch account and you're ready to rock and roll!

Q. Can I choose who can invite me to join a Group Chat? 
A. Yes, you can restrict who can invite you to Group Chat to only those users who you follow. You control this from your Security & Privacy settings by checking the box next to Block invites from strangers.

Q. When I create a group chat room, will I have access to the same moderation tools as I do with my channel chat rooms?
A. Yes can control your Group Chat with the ability to Ignore, Timeout, Ban, create Moderators. Banning a user will kick them from the room, and that user will not be able to read future messages.

Q. How many rooms can I create?
A. Up to 10.

Q. Will I be able to identify group chat room moderators?
A. Yes. You can select group room moderators just like you can on your channel chat. Click a username and choose the Moderator icon from that user's chat profile card.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of people who can join a Group Chat room?
A. There is currently no limit. This is one of the parameters that we will assess during the beta period.

Q. Do you intend to make Group Chat a Turbo benefit, or a feature available only to Partners?
A. We intend to keep basic chat functionality free for all users. During the beta period, however, the feature will roll out in phases to widening groups of Twitch users, starting with Partners, then Turbo users, then the whole wide world.

Q. What control do I have over who joins my chat room?
A. When you create a chat room, you can set your preference by using the Allow anyone to invite other

Twitch users option
as follows:
  • Enabled: Anyone who has been invited can send invitations.
  • Disabled: Only you and your moderators can send invitations.
Q. Are Group Chat rooms available via iOS, Android, Xbox, and Playstation?
A. Right now Group Chat is supported only on the Web.