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XSplit Gamecaster

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2014 04:06PM PST
XSplit Gamecaster is for the casual streaming enthusiast, who wants to stream their gameplay quickly and easily.

Key Features

  • Twitch Chat Integration: You can now view and control your Twitch chat while in game. You can even update your broadcast title!
  • Start streaming quickly: Once you’ve logged into your Twitch account and started a game you can immediately begin broadcasting to Twitch. No need to worry about stream settings, it’s all automatic.
  • In-Game Overlay: You can use our in-game overlay to gain quick access to a variety of tools to manage your live stream.
  • Easy Social Network Sharing: Quickly let your friends and followers know when and what you’re streaming.
  • Draw on your gameplay: XSplit Gamecaster’s annotation mode allow you to interact with your gameplay in ways never before possible with a variety of drawing tools.
  • FPS and CPU monitor: Keep an eye on your performance from within the game.

Download XSplit Gamecaster

Click here to create a free XSplit account and download the XSplit software.

XSplit Gamecaster is offered in Free, Personal and Premium licenses. Please refer to the XSplit web site to determine which license suits you.

Getting Started with XSplit Gamecaster

The beauty of XSplit Gamecaster is that you can get started streaming in minutes, but there is also a wealth of customization options if you decide to explore the program.

Watch a quick video introduction on how to use XSplit Gamecaster.

Step 1) Logging into XSplit Gamecaster and Twitch
First you’ll login into XSplit Gamecaster with your XSplit account. If this is your first time using XSplit Gamecaster, you will be prompted to authorize your Twitch account.

After you have finished authorizing your account, you will be taken to the XSplit Gamecaster start screen.

Step 2) Starting your Twitch stream via the In-Game Overlay
Now all you need to do is to run any game of your choice. When in-game, access the overlay by pressing CTRL+TAB.

Then click the Stream button and congratulations, you have now begun broadcasting on Twitch!

Bonus Round!

This section highlights some features that shows how XSplit Gamecaster improves your experience with Twitch and interacting with your gameplay.

Integrated Twitch Chat

If you’ve signed in to your Twitch account, you’ll see a Twitch icon in the overlay. When you click on this icon, a window will open. This window is XSplit Gamecaster’s integrated chat system. From this window you set the title of your Twitch broadcast and participate in your channel’s chat. You can also use text commands to moderate your channel.

The control symbol represents the ingame hud visibility and activating it allows you to see your Twitch chat within your gameplay. You can use the opacity option to create a background for your chat to make it easier to read.

Annotation Mode

One of the most exciting new features for XSplit Gamecaster is the annotation mode, which lets you draw directly on your gameplay. You can activate annotation mode by pressing the pencil button in the overlay. From there you will be given a menu which shows you the different options available in annotation mode. Press ESC to exit annotation mode.

But wait there’s more!

​You can find out more about XSplit Gamecaster by viewing their FAQ or watching the advanced tutorial video.