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Twitch IRC

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2014 09:35AM PST


In order to connect to Twitch IRC, you must have two pieces of information:

  1. The name of channel that you want to join.
  2. A Twitch account.
  3. Oauth token from API or from a site using it: 


Once you have that information, you can then take it to connect to Twitch IRC with the following bits of information:

  • The server name to connect to is:
  • The port to connect to is 6667
  • SSL is not supported for Twitch IRC.
  • Your nickname must be your Twitch nickname
  • Your password should be an OAuth token. You can get your oauth token here: (Thanks Andrew Bashore!)
  • An example "password" using this method would be "oauth:asdasd234asd234ad234asds23" without quotes.
  • This is a "server password" in programs like hexchat.
  • mIRC may require you to enter the password into the GUI.

Upon a Successful Connection

Note: Lines prefixed with < are sent from client to server, and lines prefixed with > are sent from the server to the connecting client.

A successful connection session will look something like this:

< PASS oauth:twitch_oauth_token
< NICK twitch_username
> 001 twitch_username :connected to TMI
> 002 twitch_username :your host is TMI
> 003 twitch_username :this server is pretty new
> 004 twitch_username 0.0.1 w n
> 375 twitch_username :- Message of the day - 
> 372 twitch_username :- not much to say here
> 376 twitch_username :End of /MOTD command

On an Unsuccessful Connection

If your connection fails for any reason, you will be disconnected from the server. Some common reasons for being disconnected immediately include:

  • Connecting on the wrong port
  • Connecting to the wrong server
  • Using an incorrect username and/or password

Command & Message Limit

  • If you send more than 20 commands or messages to the server within a 30 second period, you will get locked out for 8 hours automatically. These are not lifted so please be careful when working with IRC!

Commands you can send

Most normal chat commands like /timeout, /ban, /clear are sent with periods in place of the forward slash. For example, to ban the user xangold, you would send .ban xangold to the server.

Note: Lines prefixed with < are sent from client to server, and lines prefixed with > are sent from the server to the connecting client.

If you send an invalid command, you will receive a 421 numeric back:

< CAP REQ :multi-prefix
> 421 you CAP :Unknown command

A brief list of commands supported by our IRC server include:

JOIN: Opening up a chat room (and obtaining a list of users)

JOIN #channelname


After a successful JOIN, the following will take place:

  1. You will be sent a list of users that are currently in the channel.
  2. A number of MODEs will be set from the jtv user to signify that a user can moderate chat. Users that can moderate chat are are defined as Channel ModeratorsAdmin's and Staff.
< JOIN #channelname
> JOIN #channelname
> 353: = #channelname nickname nickname2 nickname3 nickname4 anotherNickname
> 353: = #channelname nickname25 nickname26 nicknameN
> 366: #channelname End of /NAMES list
> jtv MODE #channelname +o channel_moderator
> jtv MODE #channelname +o channel_moderator2
> jtv MODE #channelname +o staff_user
> jtv MODE #channelname +o twitch_global_mod_user

PART: Leaving a chat room

PART #channelname

< PART #channelname
> PART #channelname

WHO: Obtaining a detailed list of users (Depreciated for now)

WHO #channel

< WHO #channelname
> 352: #channelname nickname username H 0 realname
> 352: #channelname nickname2 username H 0 realname
> ...
> 352: #channelname nicknameN username H 0 realname
> 315: #channelname End of /WHO list

Commands you may receive

JOIN: Someone joined a channel!

:nickname! JOIN #channelname

PART: Someone parted a channel

:nickname! PART #channelname

PRIVMSG: Someone sent a message to a channel

:nickname! PRIVMSG #channel :message that was sent

Further notes about lists of users

  • A list of users that are currently in a channel is sent after a successful JOIN, so WHO is often not required.
  • Due to caching, JOINs and PARTs are not sent immediately to a channel. They are instead batched up and sent every 10 seconds.
  • After receiving your initial list of users or after performing your first WHO, it is recommended to process PARTs and JOINs as they come in instead of re-requesting this list from the server.
  • Due to caching, the response of this command may be delayed by up to 10 seconds on initial connect and may be up, but no more than, to 10 seconds out of date.
  • You cannot request a list of users for a channel that you did not JOIN.

Connecting to Twitch chat with mIRC

1. Install mIRC
2. When program opens, it will automatically open the mIRC options window.
3. Set your nickname in the Connect tree. 
  • Nickname: "your_lowercase_twitch_username_goes_here"
  • Alternative "your_lowercase_twitch_username_goes_here"
4. Click Connect -> Servers 

5. Click "Add"
  • Description: "Twitch Chat"
  • IRC Server: ""
  • Ports: "6667"
  • Group "tmi"
  • Password: Get from Example: "oauth:2kj34jk4h434jhasdhajs3"
6. Click "add"
7. Go back to the "Connect" screen
8. Click the Connect button
9. You can now join channels.
10. You can close the popup asking you to set favorites, or you can add them like this:

To join a channel in mIRC, type /join #xangold, just replace "#xangold" with #channel_name for your own channel. Make sure you type it in lowercase, or it may not work properly!

Connecting to Twitch chat with HexChat

1. Install HexChat
2. Click "HexChat" on the menu, then click "Network List"
  • Nick name: "your_lowercase_twitch_username_goes_here"
  • Second choice: "your_lowercase_twitch_username_goes_here"
  • Third choice: ""your_lowercase_twitch_username_goes_here"
  • User Name: "your_lowercase_twitch_username_goes_here"
3. Click the "Add button" and name the new network "Twitch"

4. Select your new network, and click "Edit"

5. Click the edit button, and change the network to from newserver/6667
6. Uncheck the "Use global user information" box. 
7. Fill in your Nickname/second/etc from above. Do not use your real name
8. Set the login method to "Server Password /PASS password"
9. Password:  Get from Example: "oauth:2kj34jk4h434jhasdhajs3"
10. Click the tab for "Autojoin channels" in the same window.
11. Add channels in the format #user_name_goes_here_all_lowercase

You can also join channels by typing /join #channel_name_goes_here_all_lowercase in the chat bar.